In comparison to the majority of their fellow NFL organizations, the Baltimore Ravens are practically babies. There's obviously nothing child-like about the Ravens, with one of the best defenses in the entire league season after season and a powerhouse coach and team that has created its fair share of legends in its relatively short time in existence.

 Some teams are deeply rooted in their city's history, special players and coachs are forever historical significant because they set a standard sometimes quite long ago. But the Baltimore Ravens have only existed since 1996, that's ONLY 18 YEARS TOTAL. The Green Bay Packers have a lifespan of 95 years. There wasn't a Brett Farve or a John Elway to strive to be; the Ravens had set their own standards from scratch. What Baltimore has accomplished in its short time is why these greatest players are so important, and why even their legends still have plenty of fight left on the football field.