jordan grossWhat happened to the Baltimore Ravens?

Remember that team that won the Super Bowl and put an average quarterback on center stage and took care of the more than able San Francisco 49ers?

Remember that team that had Ed Reed and Ray Lewis anchor a defense that could still punch teams in the mouth and stop opposing runners in their tracks?

This past season was not the Ravens we all knew. Injuries, a porous offenive line, a defense that was less than stellar and of course the quarterback that could not take his Super Bowl MVP and build on it. These Ravens had issues running the ball and stopping the run.

Yikes, it was almost hard to watch.

And unless this team shores up the line and gets some help on defense, the idea of getting abck to the playoffs in 2014 may become a distant dream. I am sure when Lewis retired from the sport, he thought the team was still in contention for a world title.

Things certainly have changed. If there is to be another run at the Super Bowl, change will need to be made and additions added. Here are five players who could make this team "Super" again.

Jordan Gross

The tackle is on the downside of his career, but he sure helped to open holes in Carolina last season and may have enjoyed his best season in a decade. He would be a huge improvement.

Zach Strief

Another tackle, this time out of New Orleans who could be a real addition if they cannot sign a "top light" tackle. Strief helps to protect Drew Brees, so he is more than qualified to fill the slot on the line.

Jacoby Jones

They need to re-sign Jones and it is critical he remains a part of this offense. Now that Torrey Smith is the lead receiver in this offense, keeping Jones and the chemistry with the offense is vital to its success.

Jeremy Mincey

Hw will  not cost this team as much as they think. Mincey is one of the faster pass rushers in the game and he could be a real find. I think he may get a contract offer from Denver, but watch him test free agency, too.

Ahmad Bradshaw

The running back could be brought in to give this team a different look on offense. He is not being brought in to take Ray Rice's spot, rather be a more bullish back in the offense.