You can make the case that Ozzie Newsome is as accurate as any marksmen there is. Making the right decisions over the years for the Baltimore Ravens, the former tight end has been spot on making the personnel moves that have led to two Super Bowl titles.

There has been drafts wheere the team netted Ray Lewis and Joinathan Ogden, or the drafts where depth was added and Pro Bowl players like Ed Reed. And there are those that Newsome admits he has swung and missed on. This is the article that focuses on those strike outs.

Here are the five worst draft picks of all time for these Ravens. All information obtained for teh story was obtained from

Kyle Boller -- 2003
In two of his five seasons with the Ravens, he threw more touchdowns than interceptions. Baltimore had already drafted Terrell Suggs nine picks earlier, so let's call it a wash...or better yet, a much-needed scrub away the stink of Boller.

Travis Taylor -- 2000
After four seasons in Baltimore, the former Florida receiver would play for, among others, the Vikings. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing, but the fact he was on a certain infamous cruise with his Minnesota teammates was more memorable than anything he did in Baltimore. I'm gonna go with bad.

Mark Clayton -- 2005 
Five years, zero 1,000-yard seasons. On the bright side, he wasn't on that aforementioned Vikings' cruise ... so there's that?

Jimmy Smith -- 2011 
Considering he's only been in the league for two seasons (during which he's been hurt a lot), this one could be a little unfair. Then again, even when healthy, he's been beaten out by guys with lesser pedigrees for a starting spot in the lineup. Time to step up in 2013, Mr. First Rounder.

2010 Draft

We say this because of one reason - Tim Tebow. The team's 2010 trade of the 25th overall pick to Denver (which the Broncos used on Tim Tebow), instead taking star-crossed Texas LB Sergio Kindle in the second round. Had they kept that first-round choice, they could've taken Rob Gronkowski.