Baltimore Ravens 2012 NFL Schedule: Game-by-Game Analysis

By Timothy Cyphers
April 21, 2012 2:29 pm
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Of course a full-scale, detailed game-by-game analysis of any NFL team’s schedule months prior to the first game, before training camp and the preseason, and well before final rosters are even set, probably isn’t the most useful exercise in predicting a team’s 2012 fate.  We should also recognize the absurdity of the NFL’s primetime showcase dedicated to the schedule release in April, as if were a State of the Union Address or announcement of another pending war.  While I didn’t tune in with nail-biting angst during said primetime unveiling, after I realized that the same released schedules would also be on the teams’ websites the next day and for the remainder of 2012, I have reviewed the Ravens' regular season schedule and wanted to touch on a few interesting takeaways.  


First and foremost, the Ravens have the 4thtoughest schedule as ranked by the NFL.  This is the result of playing in the AFC North, generally regarded as the league’s toughest division, as well as having finished a game away from the Super Bowl last season.  Both the Ravens and their fans should relish the opportunity to play such a difficult schedule.   This league is about game days, and big game days more importantly, and the more of those you have when you’re one of the league’s best, the more vaunted you can become, particularly in your home stadium, and the more battle tested you will be when the postseason arrives.  Any team that shies away from difficulty on their schedule or any fans that would rather match up with Little Sisters of the Poor on a weekly basis for 4 straight months should find another way to pass their time because this is the most aggressive sport in this country played at the highest level, and there’s no shying away from anything.   At least not if you want to win a lot of games that is, and Baltimore certainly does.

3 of first 4 Home and Primetime

The Ravens play 3 of their first 4 games in primetime against the Bengals, Patriots and Browns, in weeks 1, 3, and 4 respectively.   This appears strange and difficult on surface, but all of these games are in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium, with the Eagles sandwiched in on the road in Week 2.  Last year the Ravens dismantled the Jets and 49ers at home in primetime and finished the season 9-0 in Baltimore, which includes the playoff divisional win over the Texans last January.  Playing at home is clearly a big advantage for this franchise due to the vertical walls of 70,000+ screaming purple maniacs that feed the team’s adrenaline and create nightmare scenarios for opposing offenses.  So, while this stretch will undoubtedly be challenging, it could also represent an opportunity to come out of the gate hot, send the Bengals off down their 6-10 merry way, which they are due for statistically (they never put together 2 good consecutive years), take home revenge on the Patriots who barely held them out of the Super Bowl last year, and then pound the lowly Browns on Thursday night.  Every challenge is an opportunity.


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By Timothy Cyphers
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3 years ago
I really enjoyed this! Great job! And you aren't the only one reliving the glory days of 2000, but we'll do it again! :)

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