Jacques Reeves isn’t going to have a job tomorrow morning. Reeves, a seven year cornerback out of Purdue, started for the Chiefs on Sunday due to a Brandon Flowers foot injury. Reeves was assigned to cover Atlanta wide receiver Julio Jones, and got a big fat “F” on the assignment.

The entire Chiefs defense struggled early in the first half, and completely fell apart in the second half. Matt Ryan picked apart the secondary, leading the Falcons to a 40-24 win. Amidst the Atlanta rout and Chiefs defensive fallout, there was a clear hero and zero of the game.

Julio Jones was the hero of the game.

Although Matt Ryan had a huge game, throwing for 299 yards and three touchdowns, it would not have been possible without Jones. He was able to take advantage of his match-up against Reeves, getting six receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns.

It didn’t matter what route he was running, or where the ball was thrown, Jones was able to make catches all day long. Jones, in his second year in the NFL, has the potential to become an elite wide receiver within the next few years.

The entire Chiefs defense was the zero of the game.

Headed by Reeves, the defense looked horrendous. They gave up an Atlanta touchdown early in the game, and were never able to turn it around from there. Although the front seven played fairly well, the secondary struggled throughout the entire game.

Five defensive starters—Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Anthony Toribio, Allen Bailey and Kendrick Lewis—were all inactive due to injuries, except for Hali who was serving a one game suspension. This proved to be crucial for the Chiefs, as the lack of depth showed. Maybe they will have better luck next week against the Bills, who looked equally bad against the Jets.