Julio Jones Breathe easy Falcons fans.

Julio Jones is back at practice and on a full practice schedule. The coaching staff was never concerned with Jones’ hamstring issue and were just making sure he was completely healed. 

Still, holding one of your superstars out for any period of time makes your fan base kind of nervous. 

He’s back and he’ll be beating opponents down the field in no time.

Additions and cuts.

The Falcons made just a few adjustments to their roster this week. The signed 6'7", 305-pound tackle Jeff Nady, placed Mike Johnson on IR, and waiverd Sean Sellwood.

Competition at running back.

Steven Jackson isn’t going to lose any playing time to these guys, but Donald Russell and Ronnie Wingo are making it difficult for the coaching staff to narrow down the final RB spots. The coaches have continued to talk about how both of these players are taking advantage of their opportunities and making it a tough choice.

Making the leap.

Rookie tackle Ryan Schraeder is making the most of his chances and trying to make the leap from Division II Valdosta State to the NFL. He has gotten a lot of praise from offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter while battling for a position with Lamar Holmes. It’s likely that Schraeder didn’t go against guys this big when he was in college. 

The “old” guy can still play.

Steven Jackson continues to impress at camp. Koetter says he didn’t give Jackson enough credit for all of his skills before he got to Atlanta. His quickness and agility are much more than Koetter thought. He says that the Falcons are continuing to add more to the offensive game plan because Jackson gives them so many options.

He’s not there, but almost.

While attending to family issues, Tony Gonzalez hasn’t been at camp. But he’s not missing all of the action. While away, Gonzalez is watching practice film and then texting tight ends coach Chris Scelfo and the other TE’s.  Gonzalez still plans on being ready by at least the opening game.

Still battling it out.

Rookies Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford continue to battle in the secondary. Both have come in and improved daily according to the coaches. Veteran cornerback Asante Samuel and head coach Mike Smith continue to be impressed and are hopeful for the future in this part of the roster.