The Atlanta Falcons have one thing... good recievers... until the injuries. Julio Jones was lost for the year and Roddy White suffered from nagging hamstring and ankle injuries. There was no defense to speak of in most games. The Falcons were able to pull off wins against top teams like St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and Washington. Harry Douglas was the leading wide reciever on the team and Stephen Jackson ran for only 543 yards. 

What should the Falcons do? I will admit that the Falcons did not throw in the towel down the stretch. They played hard fought games against both Carolina and San Francisco to end the season. The new year is a time for fresh starts. 


New Years's Resolutions for the Falcons:


1) Get John Abraham on the phone. 

The 35 year old John Abraham spent seven seasons in Atlanta from 2006-2012. He played all 16 games for the Arizona Cardinals and recorded 11.5 sacks. Atlanta made a mistake letting this guy go. Sorry Atlanta, but you need to plead on your hands and knees to get him back. Anything could help a defense that ranked 31st in rushing yards allowed and 21st in passing yards allowed. This old guy still has more in the tank.

2) Pray for no more injuries

The Falcons would have had a much better year without the loss of Julio Jones. He is a playmaker that, when paired with a healthy Roddy White, can make the Falcon's offense lethal. 

3) Draft more defensive players

The Falcons used 6 out of 8 selections in the 2012 Draft on defensive players. Their first two picks were at the cornerback position. Trufant will continue to mature, but the real need is at linebacker. I expect the Falcons to use their first pick on just that. Bartu and Worrilow are not the future of the Falcon's defense.