Roddy White The Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit in the bottom two spots of their division.

The Bucs weren't expected to be GREAT, but I didn't expect that they would need nine weeks to win a game; but, the Falcons are the real surprise.

At the beginning of the year, many people thought they would improve upon last year's season and make a Super Bowl run.

It's not absolutely out of the question, but Atlanta's chances of making the playoffs are much slimmer than they should be.

Even though both teams have been less than breathtaking, there are still some fun things we can look for in this matchup.

Here are three of the boldest predicitons I have for this NFC South matchup.

Roddy White finally has a "Roddy White-ish" game: If anyone out there was like me and drafted Roddy White extremely high in your fantasy draft, then you know the pain I feel. Normally a top 15 wide receiver week in and week out, White has been hampered by a lingering high ankle injury. Though he has still played most of the season, he has been used mostly as a decoy.

This will be the week that changes. White played all but three snaps last week, and has had no injury setbacks. With Tony Gonzalez questionable to play this week, White is sure to be quarterback Matt Ryan's favorite target. I am looking for White to coin 125+ receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns.

Mike Glennon throws for 300 yards, 3 TDs: When all the drama with Josh Freeman wore down, many people even gave up caring about the Bucs. But in the wake of Freeman, the young Mike Glennon has stepped up and become something for Tampa Bay fans to be excited about: a mobile quarterback with a strong, accurate arm and a high football IQ. A franchise quarterback.

Glennon has yet to really have a breakout game, but he has played better every week. With Tampa Bay's defense giving up a lot of fourth quarter leads lately, Glennon hasn't been able to brinng them back, but hes getting closer. With the Falcons coming off a pretty brutal loss to the Seahawks, and the team's morale likely low, I see Glennon having a career game.

Jacquizz Rodgers will rush for 100+ yards: Atlanta's ground attack has been atrocious this season. To be fair, a big part of that is due to the Falcons trailing in so many games, but still. They have failed to have a player rush for 100 yards.

Steven Jackson has been in and out of the lineup all year which hasn't helped either. The weak running game has hurt the Falcons in many ways. Quarterback Matt Ryan, because of the lack of ground attack, has been forced to throw 50 or more passes every game. Matt Ryan is a great quarterback, but 50 passes is a lot for a team that hasn't had a healthy starting wide receiver in weeks.

If the Falcons want to defeat the Bucs, they're going to have to utilize the run. Steven Jackson is officially listed as the starter, but I see Rodgers ending up getting the better touches, breaking a few big runs. Of course, this will depend on if the Falcons are down early and forced to pass, which isn't likely.

Usually, games between bottom tier teams isn't anything to get too excited, but the match up between these two teams will be a interesting one to watch. At the very least, it is sure to be a hard fought battle with the Falcons looking to gain a little respect for themselves and the Bucs looking to ride the momentum and pick up their second win in a row.