Tony Gonzalez The Atlanta Falcons did not figure this is how the 2013 season was going to play out. A star quarterback in the making, a fleet of speedy receivers, the greatest tight end in NFL history and the change at running back they hoped would be the missing link to a Super Bowl run.

Nothing has gone right for this team this season. Injuries has become a dirty eight-letter word for this franchise - so much so that Mike Smith, the team’s head coach and coaching staff are under fire for every move they make and every situation that has arisen this season.

Two more weeks left until the pain is eliminated. Awaiting this team is a high draft pick, restructuring of the organization and a hope that 2014 will bring more success and hopefully a new playoff run.

This is a team that needs more help on the offensive and defensive lines and depth on the outside where the weapons are already good and need to get better. Same thing is true of the defensive side of the ball.

The San Francisco 49ers are thick in the playoff hunt and are looking at Seattle atop the NFC West with the hope the team that went to the Super Bowl last season can secure the fifth slot in the playoffs and take out one of the other division winners. A rematch with the Seahawks is not foremost on the minds of Jim Harbaugh and his staff, but it is something he would certainly like a crack at.

Here are three bold predictions for this Monday night clash.

Colin Kaepernick versus the Falcons

Single-handedly, the quarterback in red scores three touchdowns on the ground and proves Mike Smith and Mike Nolan have no idea what they are doing on defense.

On the third touchdown, a 25-yard scamper, Colin stops at the goal line and waves at the Falcons defense as he steps over the line for the final score of the game.

Gonzalez finally blows up

Knowing this is his second to last game of his career, and the fact he does not get another chance at playing in Super Bowl - which he has never done, Tony Gonzalez finally lets his emotions show and blasts the coaching staff after the game. The usually mild mannered tight end, who is one of the greatest players to ever wear a uniform, yells at Thomas Dimitroff - the Falcons general manager and says, “Why the hell didn’t you trade me back to Kansas City.”

Linemen score

As the score gets away from the Falcons (45-12) the 49ers get a little happy and try new things. With the game really out of reach, John Harbaugh calls a tackle eligible where linemen score not just once but twice.

The moves infuriates Smith and he protests. The referee in the game looks at the Falcons’ head coach and says, “If you don’t like it - score more points.”