If I told you that a wide receiver averaged 1,078 yards, 9 touchdowns and 16.2 yards per catch over the last couple of years and is currently ranked among the top four or five receivers in the league by every major fantasy and sports service and is even considered by some to be the second best in the league, behind only Megatron in Detroit, you’d consider him to be elite, right? 

If I further added that he is playing on the opposite side of the field from another receiver considered by most of those same fantasy and sports services to be a top 10 receiver in the league and is STILL putting up those kinds of numbers, you might even say he has already broken out, wouldn’t you?

That’s why Julio Jones will not be Atlanta’s breakout player this year. He’s already here, folks. Oh, he’ll put up some numbers, for sure, but trust me, he’s already elite. And he is completely worth the risk the Falcons took to move up and draft him.

But Atlanta took another, albeit smaller, risk last year and moved up to pick up another possible impact player in the draft this year. Trading with the St Louis Rams, Atlanta moved up eight picks to target cornerback Desmond Trufant of the Washington Huskies to fill a need in their secondary. 

Was Trufant worth the risk? Will he pay off for the Falcons like Jones so obviously has?

I think he will and I think he’ll do so this year. Here’s why Desmond Trufant will be the Atlanta Falcons' most likely to break out in 2013.