This game between the Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals proved to be one of the premier games of Week 11 as I predicted earlier this week.  The passing attack of both teams was lack luster and on the offensive side of the ball only a handful of players had good games.  

For the winning team the Falcons, they experienced sloppy play from quarterback Matt Ryan all afternoon as he finished with a career high five interceptions.  He however was one of the main reasons the Falcons came back and won this game in the fourth quarter.

Normally I would not name Ryan the hero of the game because of his sloppy play, however, on the go ahead dive for the Falcons Ryan was able to go 4 of 5 passing for 64 yards as he set up running back Michael Turner for a 1-yard touchdown run for the win.

The list of candidates for the zero of the game for the Arizona Cardinals is longer than the list was for the Falcons hero of the game.  The Cardinals' offense sputtered all day long as they were only able to pass for 70 total yards and had only one bright spot with LaRod Stephens-Howling rushing for 127 yards and a touchdown.

It wouldn't be fair to give the zero of the game title to quarterback Ryan Lindley because Sunday was his first real NFL action of his career.  Lindley was a sixth round pick for the Cardinals this past draft and wasn't expected to see action going into this year. 

Instead I decided to give the zero of the game title to both Lindley and the early benched starter John Skelton.  As previously mentioned the two quarterbacks combined for an impressively bad 70 passing yards on the day and did nothing to help their team win.

All that was needed out of the quarterbacks today was to just hold the lead that the defense and running game earned for this team.  Neither quarterback was able to maintain the lead the team had and did all they could to just give the ball back to the Falcons and that is why they are both known as the zero of the game.