Atlanta Falcons: Determined To Make A Super Bowl Run In 2013

By Jevon C. Smith
February 27, 2013 9:38 pm
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The Atlanta Falcons and QB Matt Ryan have experienced great regular season success the last couple of years but they seem to lose when it matters the most and that’s in the playoffs. This has been a great concern in the state of Georgia, but Coach Mike Smith is determined to change this perception of the team as well keep his players hungry, confident, and together as one.

Matt Ryan is a great young quarterback that is taking the NFL by storm with his poise, leadership, and for making the deep throw. He has taken his talent to another level since putting on the Falcon helmet. It also doesn’t hurt to have WR Julio Jones as your target too.

The questions have been piling up lately if he can take this franchise to the Super Bowl and win it all next season? That’s what NFL fans are asking and Atlanta Falcons loyalists are a bit worried ever since they lost in the NFC Championship game to the San Francisco 49ers 28-24. Have no fear, with the talent this team has they will be great for years to come and they seem to have a strong run in place.

People are saying that they are solidifying themselves as a great regular season team and they just seem to freeze up under pressure in key playoff games. I think that they are really good and have some dangerous players that can get it done but they’ve been going through some growing pains.

The Atlanta Falcons are trying to sway TE Tony Gonzalez back for a final season and I personally think he’s welcoming the invitation as well. After witnessing Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis having won the big game and retire on his terms, Gonzalez believes that he can do the same.

This team in my eyes is a player or two away from making a run at the Super Bowl. They will need to bring in the kind of players that will hold players accountable and a game changer. They need someone with championship experience. This will make the difference next season.

As we’ve heard by now the rumor going around in the NFL is that the Atlanta Falcons are targeting RB Reggie Bush and also Steven Jackson. So we shall see where this goes. But if they get either one, all I can say is Whoa!

You know how they say that every city is due a championship; well the Atlanta Falcons are due one. Let’s look at the city as a whole and look at the last time they’ve won something. Not attacking the city but showing the strong odds against them. But this spell can be broken and I think real soon. The city hasn’t won a title since 1995 when the Atlanta Braves won the World Series. With all of these sports teams in Atlanta only one championship in decades. So the Atlanta Falcons are trying to bring hope to the city.

This upcoming 2013 NFL season will be very important for Matt Ryan to become the MVP QB that he always had in him. He just needed some time to develop more and show the league that he has what it takes to be the guy and win the big prize. He’s a player that we should keep a close eye on next season.

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By Jevon C. Smith
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2 years ago
I really like the Falcons and as a team they have the ability to go all the way. With that said, you (team, team leaders) has to want it. There was no reason the Falcons could not have won their playoff game to the 49ers, it has to start with their QB. Matt Ryan has shown that he can throw the ball with precision and accuracy, but has not shown that he is willing to make the difficult and needed 1st downs. It is 3rd and 8 for a 1st, he drops back to pass and there no one open, the middle of the field opens up he takes off he's gained six yards and sees a DB closing in and he slides and comes up 2 yards short. To me there is one, a unwillingness to give up your body for the big play that would have given you the 1st down or you are afraid of taking a hit at a critical time in the game. This 1st down could have made the difference in the game (momentum). Matt will need to step up this season to solidify his place in this league or relegate himself as just mediocre, greatness comes at a cost!
2 years ago

Greg I'm glad you do like them so you can give your input on what you think about the team and their potential. Even if people aren't fans of a team; people aren't stupid. They know talent when they see it. Many are in denial of talent, buts that's okay. Sometimes Matt Ryan becomes a game manager instead of a risk taker. When you take some risks you never know what can happen. I think Ryan, the coach and Falcons will be okay this coming season!

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