The Atlanta Falcons convinced tight end Tony Gonzalez to come back this season for a play-off run.  The Falcons are 2-5. 

Could anyone have predicted this swirling decline?  It is not possible.  But someone has to take responsibility. 

It is Mike Smith and here are five reasons why it falls on him and he must go:

5. Atlanta Falcons 13-Arizona Cardinals 27

Yes, Matt Ryan was picked off four times and that is on Ryan not the coach.  But this loss is the cumulative effect of the ineptness of the Falcons offense. 

It landed the Falcons 2-5, which is their worst start since 2007 when they started 1-6.

4. Atlanta Falcons 28- New York Jets 30

Sure hindsight is a beautiful thing.  The Falcons lose this game by two points.  Before halftime with their running game struggling, the Falcons had an opportunity to kick a field goal.  Instead of field goal points they test the Jets defensive line for a touchdown.  They flunk the test. It would have been different if the Falcons had demonstrated some consistensy in red zone conversions to touchdowns.  The coach knows his teams strengths and weaknesses, right? 

3. Atlanta Falcons 23-Miami Dolphins 27

The game was a snap-shot of Smith's inability or stubborness to make in-game adjustments.  In this game the Falcons started off great.  Tony Gonzalez had an opening  drive that reminded all why the Falcons wanted him back.  It reminded the Dolphins too.  They adjusted, daring the Falcons to show them their run game.  The Falcons in turn, started passing more.  The results?  The final drive of the third quarter six passes with two completions.  The completions did get the Falcons to the 15 yard line.  Lesson learned?  The Falcons went 0-for-3 in passing attempts.  But hey, at least they kicked a field goal.

2. Who to Blame?

It is easy to blame the coach.  Granted the Falcons are coping with a lot of injuries.  What?  So are the Green Bay Packers.   The Falcons are weighed down with high expectations.  See the New England Patriots every year?  The Falcons are playing in a rough division?  Really Tampa Bay?  Have you seen the AFC West lately?

1. Play-Off Record

Forget, if you can, that Smith has only one playoff victory.  His teams are 1-4 in postseason play.  That isn't good enough.  You would think last year's loss to the Seattle Seahawks would have sounded the alarm.  Perhaps it was a quiet bell.  Now it is a resounding GONG!

Who is hearing Jim Mora's rant? PLAY-OFFS? Yea.

It is time. 


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