Five quarterbacks, one starting spot and whole bunch of questions.

That basically sums up the Jaguars' quarterback situation entering training camp this week. The decision to bring five passers to camp signals a lot of potential trouble for this team over the course of the offseason and the preseason.

While there are other teams in the NFL with quarterback issues (Minnesota, Cleveland, Buffalo), none are as magnified as Jacksonville’s with the drafting and subsequent failures of one Blaine Gabbert.

Add to the mix a castoff free agent in Chad Henne signed from the Miami Dolphins and three quarterbacks the general population may not have heard of and things do not look any better than it did at the end of  last season.

Remember, this was a team that could have selected either Geno Smith at the top of the second round or Matt Barkley at the top of the fourth round in this year’s draft.

If the Jaguars are going to move forward, because they certainly have hands to catch balls on the run (Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon, Marcedes Lewis) the quarterback situation must be fixed in a hurry.

Here is a look at the five players who will fight for the right to start in Jacksonville.