Sad isn’t the word for this past Saturday’s Arkansas game. "Down right embarrassing" is a better description.

Falling in overtime to the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks 34-31, the Arkansas Razorbacks were the laughing stock of SEC Saturday evening and made Arkansas history in all the wrong ways.

Below are some cold hard facts about ULM and Arkansas just so I can rub salt in an open wound. 

-The Warhawks became the first team from the Sun Belt Conference to beat a team ranked in the top 10.

-It was the first overtime game the Razorbacks lost at home and the first ever played at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

-The Warhawks have NEVER been to a bowl game………EVER.

-The Warhawks has had only two winning seasons………EVER.

-The Warhawks were 0-22 before this past Saturday evening game against any ranked team.

What’s Next for Arkansas?

First off, what’s next is another Arkansas Razorback loss. During the game Saturday, Arkansas’s defense couldn’t get off the field, while the offense seemed to go one, two, three, and kick.  Arkansas’s time of possession was only 20:41, while ULM’s was 39:19.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you again that ULM is in the Sun Belt Conference.  Being in the SEC, in no way shape or form is that acceptable.  For example, that is why SEC teams like Ole Miss and Kentucky have trouble keeping up in the SEC.

Arkansas will not be able to keep up with Alabama, unless some type of Christmas miracle occurs.  In two games, Arkansas’s defense has given up a total of 872 yards and 58 points against Jacksonville State and Louisiana-Monroe.  Alabama has flea flicked there first two games beating Michigan 41-14 and killing Western Kentucky 35-0. 

Arkansas’s offensive line let QB Tyler Wilson get hit way to many times and leave with a concussion.  I believe if Tyler Wilson even plays this coming Saturday, he will be scared for his life because he may or may not make it out alive going against one of the nation's top defenses in the nation.  It’s easy to say that the Arkansas’s defense was everywhere.  They looked like a little league team that needed to take a water break every five minutes and needed hugs from their mommies telling them “Everything was going to be ok baby”. 

If there is anyone to blame for this embarrassing, hard to watch game, it should be Bobby Freaking Petrino.  If it wasn’t for his selfish acts and ways, none of this would have happened.  Arkansas would still be ranked, fans would still think they were national championship material (haha), and all the Arkansas sport call-in shows would be considered “easy listening.”

Yes, head coach John L. Smith and his staff made poor coaching decisions and the fact of key injuries occurred, but all boils down to Petrino.  Bobby P. should have been a loyal employee of Arkansas and husband for that matter.  Bobby P. could of chose any other girl not to be loyal with but he had to go and chose the blonde Jessica Dorrell who worked for the athletic department at the University causing all sorts of legal issues giving Athletic Director Jeff Long no choice but to let Mr. P go. 

Losing a game is rough for all fans and even harder for the players that thought they played so hard.  There is nothing but “what ifs” and embarrassment about what happened on what seemed a “perfect Saturday” in Little Rock.  I know the pain and grief Arkansas fans feel because I am an Ole Miss fan and lost in double overtime to a division two Jacksonville State a couple years back and haven’t been to a bowl or even won an SEC game in a couple years, but I will always stick by my team.

I may cuss my team at times but never BOO them.  Arkansas at best will go 7-5 this season in my opinion.

Prepare for a brutal beating this coming Saturday afternoon against Bama, Razorback fans.  I’ll pray for you.