Sam Bradford The Rams were able to beat the Cardinals as I predicted! It's something that hasn't happened since back in 2005 in a game that was also at home for the Rams.

It was a 17-3 win but it was still an ugly win since the offense didn't put on a good performance.

There were some injuries for the Rams, including Danny Amendola.

The Rams got the ball first and were able to get a rhythm going.

They were able to strike fast but the momentum did die down. Sam Bradford fired a touchdown pass to Lance Kendricks but didn't have another touchdown until he found Chris Givens for a score in the forth quarter.

Kicker Greg Zuerlein kicked his 13th field goal during the game and is now 13-for-13 in his young career. Chances are very good that he'll kick a 65-yard field goal before the season is over. If it doesn't happen this season there's a good chance it'll happen next season.

The bright spot of the game for the Rams was that they were able to sack quarterback Kevin Kolb a total of nine times. His helmet was even knocked off twice during the game. The Rams were able to get a pass rush going and stop the Cardinals from scoring.

The Rams are now 3-2. It has been more then a few years since the Rams have reached the .500 mark. It has been even longer since they've had a winning season. Will this be the year that they finally have a winning season? It's only going to happen if they find a way to win their away games.

The Rams who didn't win a single division game in 2011 have now won two divisional games so far. Will the Rams go from winning none of them to winning all of them?

Anything is possible but the Rams need to improve if it's going to happen. Next week the Rams play the Dolphins and will show them why Jeff Fisher didn't pick them when deciding where to coach.