Tyrann MathieuThe Honey Badger. The Kid. Tyrann Mathieu. Whatever you call him, he has been a dominant force in the college game and has been nothing short of a steal in his first season as an NFL player.

Mathieu has been converted from corner to safety, and has been handling his role exceptionally well. His first two games, he has a forced fumble that stopped the Rams from scoring a huge touchdown, and stopped the Lions' Nate Burleson with a game-winning tackle.

He is truly showing that he was and still is the guy that got the hype over at LSU. 

Now, Lets look at this at a draft standpoint. Many people thought Mathieu would end up a Titan, Bengal, Jet, Patriot, 49er, endless possibilities on where he would land.

As an LSU fan, I tell you this, put this kid anywhere other than Arizona, and you have a bust of a pick. Being on the same team of his former mentor Patrick Peterson, who quite possibly is the best corner in the league today, is getting to mentor him once again.

Keeping Mathieu out of trouble would have been tough for some coaches, and I dont believe Bruce Arians is any different, without Peterson, you have a troubled Mathieu.

I expect Mathieu to be the breakout player because if you didnt see his highlight tape at LSU, he loved to pursue the ball carrier and just rip them of their dignity.

Well, maybe not their dignity, but he still forced seven fumbles in one season. Another trend you may see, is that players love to test the size of Mathieu, looking at his short height, thinking they can run over him, or out jump him, they test his abilities.

Now, most of this is probably true, they can run him over, out jump him, all that good stuff, but when it comes down to heart, and who is going to push harder, Mathieu wins every time.

Expect Mathieu to have a great, underrated season Cardinals fans, because lets just say this, The Honey Badger is back.