Being a backup might not be so bad.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb left the Hall of Fame game with a rib contusion after an embarrassing performance, including an 0-1 opening drive in which he only threw an interception.

At this point, it has become clear that John Skelton should be the quarterback for the 2012 season.  A promotion is certainly in order.

Kolb's performance in 2011 made Skelton appear ready for the job.  Posting nine touchdowns and eight interceptions, and a 3-6 record, Kolb crumbled.

Skelton put up a 5-2 record and 11 touchdowns.

If the Cardinals shift their focus so that it's solely on Skelton, it will be to their benefit.  Skelton would enter the season as the clear starter, free of any controversy.  Kolb proved he can't be trusted to win, putting up three times as many losses as Skelton.

A losing, injury-prone quarterback is the last thing the Cardinals need if they're serious about getting Larry Fitzgerald another super bowl appearance before retirement. Fitzgerald can produce more than any other reciver in the league with the right passer is throwing him the ball.

Skelton may not be the answer this year, but he and Fitzgerald could quickly develop a rapport if Skelton is named the starter for the foreseeable future.

Skelton has yet to feel the pressure of starting through 16 games and Kolb knows it isn't always easier as a starter than a backup.

More than anything, Kolb has already proved that he is not the quarterback of the future for the Cardinals.  And, as of now, he is a bust.