John Skelton Week 10 of this year’s NFL season marks the Arizona Cardinals' bye week.

They were fast out of the gates as they started off the season with four straight wins, which unfortunately was followed by five straight losses. 

The Cardinals sit at their bye week with a 4-5 record and third place in the NFC West.

It’s no secret that the Cardinals' defense was the main reason for their great start to the year.

They kept their opponents to fewer than 20 points per game and were able to keep Tom Brady to only one touchdown and even forced an interception. 

As the season continued and the Cardinals kept losing it was clear that early on the defense was simply able to cover for their inadequate offense. 

When the offensive line kept giving up sacks and the running game never flourished teams were able to beat the Cardinals despite still being held to under 20 points per game.

The real question as to how this team will finish out the year depends on how well the offense performs. It is clear their defense is tops in the league and just needs a stable and efficient offense in order for the team to be successful. 

Looking ahead on the Cardinals' schedule it appears they will have no easy wins the rest of the way.  Coming off their bye week they face the Atlanta Falcons and finish out the year vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

With a tough schedule the rest of the year I predict the Cardinals will continue to falter on offense and will eventually miss out on the playoffs. The fast start this year opened up some optimism for this team and it seemed possible they may really be a playoff team.  

However, now that they have shown their real colors, it seems they are the mediocre team they were predicted to be and will finish out the season in a disappointing matter.