The Jets have been the most talked about team in New York despite the Giants being the defending world champions. Every time I turn on NFL Network, there is Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow, with no mention of the Giants. Could this be intentional or is it done purposefully? At first thought, I blamed it on coincidence but that’s a little silly to think. Then I started thinking about it just a little bit harder. Let's take a look at the last few years and some the actions the Jets have taken.
February 2008:  The New York Giants ended perfection for the New England Patriots. The Giants were the talk of the football world; that was until…

August 2008: The New York Jets traded for future Hall Of Famer, quarterback Brett Favre.  Was this a way for the Jets to try to go all in for the Super Bowl or a way to steal the lime light? After an 8-3 start it seemed like a smart move until Brett refused to sit on the bench after his injury, causing the season to spiral.

December 2009: Rex Ryan tells the media that the Jets should be the favorites to win the Super Bowl after securing a wild card berth. Rex Ryan states that the Jets led the league in overall defense and rushing attack and shouldn’t be underestimated despite finishing 9-7.  Rex Ryan managed to upset the 10-6 Bengals and 13-3 Chargers before being sent home by all-pro Peyton Manning.

August 2010: Rex Ryan makes a Super Bowl guarantee after a stunning 2009 season. He promises the Jets fans that they will be back in the Championship game and win it in 2011. This should be no surprise that it sent the media into a frenzy and it wouldn’t be the last time either.

March 2010: The Jets trade for Antonio Cromartie, a Pro Bowl cornerback to pair with all-pro Derrelle Revis. 

February 2011: Rex Ryan makes his famous Super Bowl guarantee again after a consecutive trip to the AFC Championship game. 

February 2012: The Giants beat the New England Patriots for the second time in five years. The Giants again become the talk of the town; that is until…

March 2012: Jets trade for Tim Tebow. Every newspaper in New York has Tebow on the front page and Eli Manning on the back page.

Is it coincidence or do the Jets feel the need to maintain media relevance? Or could it be Owner Woody Johnson being a bit of an attention hog?  I have written several articles defending the Jets and I’m NOT taking a shot at them. I am simply calling it how I see it. The Jets are a good team but I think it is clear that Woody Johnson needs the Jets on the front page.

Please leave me a comment and let me know if I’m over reacting or you agree with me. Thanks for reading!!!