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A sixth round draft pick from San Francisco 49ers, that's it.Boldin Debut

That's all it took to satisfy the Baltimore Ravens and ship their primary receiver off to the west coast.

After a disconcerting loss to the Denver Broncos last Thursday night, Joe Flacco and others (probably) watched the marquee matchup between the 49ers and the Green Bay Packers on Fox this afternoon. By the game's end, they were (probably) swallowing ice cream with tears streaming down their faces. Yes, it hurts, reminiscing glorious moments leading up to the breakup. What were we thinking?

Boldin's spectacular performance - 13 receptions, 208 yards, 1 TD - in his first game as a 49er should help Coach Jim Harbaugh sleep well tonight (Clay Matthew's late hit on Colin Kaepernick after he stepped out of bounds caused the livid coach to mouth the words "BULL S***" in front of the camera.)

Boldin loosened up his former coach's brother (John Harbaugh) rage by doing what he does best - torching the Packers defense from parts of the field. He was tackled and dragged down by seven different cheeseheads (Hyde, T. Williams, Jolly, Hawk, Shields, McMillian, B. Jones) and created mismatches all day for an undersized Packers secondary. When they doubled-teamed him, TE Vernon Davis and WR Kyle Williams slipped through the wide open seams.

Colin 'Dapper'nick was accurate (completed 69% of passes) and impressively averaged 10 yards-per-attempt on 412 total yards.49ers fans should anticipate their quarterback to improve, and with the help of the benefactor [Boldin] Kaepernick may lead the team deep into the postseason.  

To try and imagine that the 49ers offense did that without Michael Crabtree or Mario Manningham is unfathomable to say the least. 

** This is the 34th game of the wide receiver's career to surpass 100 yards in a single game. The last - and only time - he registered more than 200 yards was in Week 1 at Detroit (September 7, 2003).