If Andy Reid thought he had a tough job in Philadelphia trying to figure out who to play quarterback, his job just got a lot harder in Kansas City. If you really look out it though the two situations are pretty much the same with both teams having unproven veterans being challenged in quarterback camp by a couple of young hungry backups, and two rookies wanting to show 31 other teams why they were ranked so high before the draft.

It's clear that Andy Reid knows how to win with the right quarterback running his offense due to how many NFC East Championships he won with Donovan McNabb as his quarterback in Philadelphia. It was when McNabb was traded that Reid saw his offense begin to struggle.

Now with a clean slate to work with in Kansas City, here are the three main quarterbacks that Reid has to work with to return the Chiefs to their AFC West glory days the way he had the Eagles rolling for so many years.

Alex Smith – The veteran Smith has been anything but great since being drafted with the first overall pick in 2005. It's clear that Smith has what it takes to be a successful quarterback in the league despite his first six seasons where at times it looked like Smith never played a down of football in his life.

All of that changed when Jim Harbaugh showed up in the bay before the 2011 season as the coach of the 49ers. A quarterback himself and a players coach; Harbaugh restored the faith that Smith had lost in himself and had the best season of his career where he led the 49ers to the NFC Championship game where he was barely beaten 20-17 by Eli Manning and the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants. It was clear that the loss to the Giants did not sit well with Harbaugh; and when he had the chance replaced Smith and made him expendable after Super Bowl XLVII.

When the Chiefs made the trade for Smith it looked like his days of looking over his shoulder for a backup to take his job was over. Now with the rest of these guys in camp; Smith could be the first one cut if he struggles in training camp.

Chase Daniel – The four year backup has had the perfect opportunity to learn how to play the game of football at a top level considering he has been the backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans. Daniel was signed by the Chiefs shortly after they made the trade for Smith making an open competition this season in Chiefs camp.

Although the only experience Daniel has consists of completing 7 of 9 passes during various games over his career, he has shown the ability to be able to compete at a top level and has the speed it is gonna take to play in the offense that Reid likes to run. Daniel also has the arm to where he can step back and launch one deep to Dwayne Bowe. He demonstrated that his entire college career playing in the spread offense that the Missouri Tigers ran in college.

Daniel needs to keep in mind that Smith has already had his time as a starter to prove himself and that his number could be called at the slightest sign of Smith struggling. He also needs to keep in mind there is still a hungry rookie wanting to be a starter, too.

Tyler Bray – The Chiefs should consider themselves lucky to have Bray since they elected not to draft a quarterback even though they had the opportunity to grab whichever one they wanted. Bray could very well turn out to be the Chiefs version of Tony Romo since they already have not getting drafted in common after putting together a dazzling college career.

Bray had a huge 2012 season at Tennessee leading the Volunteers to the 15th ranked passing offense by completing 59.4% of his passes for 3,612 yards, 34 touchdowns, and only 12 interceptions. His only down side was his ability to escape the pass rush but fortunately for him the Chiefs addressed the massive hole in their offensive line when they drafted Eric Fisher with their number one overall pick this season.

No matter how Reid wants to look at things; he has a huge decision to make when it comes to putting the right quarterback on the field in 2013, and the perfect amount of talent to work with. The Chiefs fans are hungry, and the AFC West is wide open with the only real dominant team being the Denver Broncos. This is the perfect opportunity for Reid to get that elusive Super Bowl Championship that has escaped him for so many years.