Andy Reid Could Land In Dallas: Oh, The Irony

By Michael Quinn
December 07, 2012 3:03 pm
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Andy, oh Andy.

14 years in Philadelphia and it looks like the Grim Reaper that is Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie will give Reid the axe after the 2012 season.

Say it ain't so, after being the winning-est coach in team history and getting to FOUR NFC Championships his time has seemingly come to an end -- in Philly at least.

Andy Reid is probably the most respected coach in the league, if someone were to take a poll.

He has been in this league for roughly 20 years, and has always made an impact, whether as Brett Favre's quarterback coach, Donovan McNabb's mentor, or even bringing Michael Vick back to relevance.

No matter how Philadelphia Eagles fans feel about him leaving -- no one can argue, Reid was an amazing coach in Philadelphia and gave us as fans 14 years of playoff expectations. Eagles fans are spoiled because of him, and most of us (fans) are taking it for granted. 

With 129 wins Andy Reid has given the city of Philadelphia more than any other coach in the NFL short of Bill Belichick. 

He will be a hot commodity if he is fired by the Eagles after 2012, and if he doesn't retire, will surely find a home before February.

I have already wrote a few weeks ago, where I think Reid will land.

Spoiler alert -- Dallas wasn't on the list.

But according to the Trenton Times, it's surely possible. 

But would Reid really do that to the city of Philadelphia? Betray the fans after 14 years of a love-hate (mostly love) relationship?

Here are three reasons why he will, and why he won't make the move to Dallas.

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