If you were to start your team right now, and you could choose any player you want, whom would you take? Names like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, JJ Watt and Andrew Luck come to mind. These players are either young or relatively young and have big impact on their franchises. There are some older guys with potentially bigger impacts such as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but many question how many years they have left, which in turn decreases their value. Youth is valuable. 

A good question to ask is “Would the Colts trade Andrew Luck for Player X?” You’ll see that the answer comes out to no every single time. The fact of the matter is that in only 2 years, Andrew Luck has led his team to back to back playoff appearances (winning one of them), achieving a double digit amount of game winning drives and already has 22 regular season wins under his belt. He’s the face of the Colts’ franchise. There are only a few players in the history of the NFL you could say that about… maybe none. 

Coming out of college, many experts had Luck as the best prospect of the decade, with saying he could be the best college prospect ever. Bold words, but they had a point. His value coming out of college was already enormous. Add 2 impressive seasons (where his name came up in the MVP conversation) to that enormous hype, and you have yourself one hell of a player. 

As mentioned earlier, youth is valuable. Andrew Luck is 24 years old, and has at least another 10 years of good playing (unless he has injuries). Luck could and should get better. If he continued to play at this pace for the next 10 years, he’ll win a couple of MVPs and contend for several Super Bowls. 

All in all, there’s definitely a case for Andrew Luck being the most valuable player/most untradeable player in the league as he’s young, talented and already proven to everyone to be a gamer. On top of that, he’s taken a franchise that had two wins to two straight playoff appearances (the following two years after the two win season). That’s a valuable player.