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Week 13 was chock-full of intriging match-ups entering the week, and by the end of Sunday afternoon, the NFL proved why it is the most entertaining event going right now.

Rookie Andrew Luck, led the Colts in the final seconds for a touchdown and another comeback win over the Detroit Liions. That marks the fifth time Luck has led the 8-4 Colts to victory after trailing in the fourth-quarter. Colts fans have a lot to be excited about.

In one of the afternoon games, we got a rematch of Week 11 with Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The first time these teams met, Byron Leftwich started for Pittsburgh. This time, Charlie Batch got the start, with Ben Roethlisberger still out with an injury. Last week the Steelers turned the ball over eight times.

Read on to find out how Batch and the Steelers faired this week against a tough Ravens rival.

I would like to take a moment for those involved in the horrific situation in Kansas City yesterday. My family's thoughts and prayers are with little three-month old Zoe, the family of Kasandra Perkins, the members of the Chiefs' organization, and the Belcher family. Hopefully everyone can learn from this and realize that violence is NEVER the answer.