The Houston Texans' 6-time Pro Bowler, Andre Johnson, has been one of the most consistent NFL receivers in recent years. The only four times Johnson hasn't had a 1,000-yard season are his rookie year, and the other three times he was plagued by an injury.

In Johnson's rookie year, he accumalated 976 receiving yards; he then went on to finish his second year with 1,142 receiving yards. Johnson was then plagued by injuries in 2005 and again in 2007, restraining him from the 1,000-yard mark (despite accumulating 1,147 receiving yards in 2006).

The veteran receiver then went three consecutive seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards, gaining 1,575 yards in 2008, 1,569 yards in 2009, and 1,216 yards in 2010. Yet plagued by another injury in 2011, the 6-time Pro Bowler was limited to just 492 receiving yards.

The 32-year old receiver is coming off of his best year in his 11-year NFL career, after accumulating 1,598 receiving yards, the second most in the NFL, during the 2012 season, with only Calvin Johnson with more receiving yards.

The factor that astonishes many football fans is Johnson's production output. He is at the age where most NFL players experience the peak of their football careers, when their bodies wear down from the punishment they've taken, yet Johnson is arguably playing better than he's ever played.

There are a select few NFL receivers that are older than Johnson who also continue to be productive, such as Reggie Wayne or Steve Smith, but neither have had their best year, or been ranked second in the NFL in receiving yards at the age of 32.

When will Andre Johnson start showing signs of age?