The name of any player on your team is just a name. Add the label "All-Pro" before his name, and he becomes a bit more mythic.

Every year, the Associated Press, along with other journalistic bodies, casts their votes for the NFL's All-Pro team, a starting lineup of the best and brightest from the previous season. If intergalactic overlords challenged us to a game of football, to determine the fate of the galaxy, this would be the squad we'd send into battle.

It's like the Pro Bowl, only with slightly less bias and homerism. For the most part, the AP's selections are realistic, with the occasional snub here and there. In the grand scheme, it means nothing but a small nod to a player's efforts during one season, and gives him a moniker that can be used to justify his greatness, even after his knees and shoulders are shot beyond use.

So ultimately useless as it may be, I'm all about reveling in useless. Here's my All-Pro picks after a month of action.