All 32 NFL Defenses Ranked: Who Has The Most Ferocious D?

By Justin Henry
June 19, 2013 9:35 am
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The Broncos and 49ers had great defenses in the 2012 regular season, even if it wasn't readily apparent in the playoffs.

Seattle's "Legion of Boom" came into their own as a vile force of nature.

Chicago's havoc-wreaking led to a seemingly endless loop of defenders scoring touchdowns.

Pittsburgh's aging defense gave up the least amount of yards in the entire league.

But which NFL defense, heading into 2013, is the best?

Considering what each defense accomplished in 2012, and assessing what their 2013 moves mean to their squads as a whole, this is a subjective look at which defensive unit looks strongest going into a new season.

And besides, it makes for some good arguments, doesn't it?

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2 years ago
Not surprised to see San Francisco and Seattle at the top, but I think Chicago is headed for a slight drop-off. Their middle linebacker spot is more of a question at this point, and there's no way to tell if the other spots will make up for it, though the secondary is becoming the best part about a team that prides itself on good overall defense.
2 years ago
I don't understand. Why do you have the Chiefs falling so far?
2 years ago

inability to force turnovers. Was a weird year for the D. It's not so much "falling" as it is "let's see them do better than this"
2 years ago

Sure it doesn't have anything to do with Andy Reid? Eagles Fan?
2 years ago

not at all. I don't hold anything against Reid. He gave us 14 solid/great years, and I hope he does well. Believe me, if I was a homer, the Eagles would be higher than 27.
2 years ago

I agree with Daniel Roberts there are on the Cheifs.. thats a very questionable spot. They'll start proving ppl wrong when the season starts
2 years ago

I wouldn't argue too strenuously. It's a combo of the lack of turnovers, and Sutton being a big unknown.
2 years ago
The Patriots were 2nd in takeaways, which helped to cover up their poor performance in yards allowed. But with improvement as the year progressed (moving McCourty to safety and adding Talib) and with improvements in free agency and the draft, I would rate them higher for 2013. Better in all three aspects of D will help them surprise offenses this time around.
2 years ago

You once told me I lacked objectivity and credibility. Thank God I didn't take you seriously.
2 years ago

here I thought that comment was meant for me when I opened my e-mail.....
2 years ago

Haha, the other one was lol this one was second. I generally liked this post, massively disagree with Bears at #1. I love Tillman, but he won't force 10 (!!!!) fumbles again.
2 years ago
Jacquian Williams is the Giants 'backer to watch.

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