So basically if I am to understand this proposed Kansas City Chiefs trade that is going down with the San Francisco 49ers, the Chiefs feel like San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith is going to be the answer at QB for their franchise.

What an original idea for the Chiefs, taking the used goods of the San Francisco 49ers in hopes of sparking some revival to their franchise. Well actually it is not that original. I swear I have seen this episode play out before with the Chiefs. 

Bringing in the damaged, second-hand quarterback goods of the San Francisco 49ers, to hopefully bring back some semblance of glory to Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs are starving for a winner, but I don't see how they figure getting a retread from the Niners is going to help them. 

Let me fire up the time machine and see how the other retread 49ers' quarterbacks fared when they got to Kansas City.

This is going to look like the "Mount Rushmore" of used 49ers. Heck, I might be surprised at how the former 49ers quarterbacks did when they got there.