McCarron Alabama doesn't have the Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, or the South Carolina Gamecocks on their 2013 schedule.

What they do have are two early season games that could catch them off guard.

Virginia Tech vs. Bama: (Atlanta, Ga.) Virginia Tech quarterback, Logan Thomas, will bring enough to the table with his throwing and running.

J.C. Coleman grinds it out to take pressure off of Thomas, and AJ McCarron for the Tide will not have much time with a less experienced offensive line. Virginia Tech 14, Bama 10

Bama at Texas A&M: Take one John Manziel and a loud home crowd, Texas A&M has success on offense against one of the least impressive Alabama defenses for Nick Saban. Texas A&M 24, Bama 13

The next four games will help players such as running backs Dee Hart and T.J. Yeldon, wide receivers Amari Cooper and Eddie Williams, and quarterback AJ McCarron, all rack up stats.

Bama 42, Colorado State 10

Bama 28, Mississippi 10

Bama 63, Georgia State 10

Bama 34, Kentucky 7


Arkansas vs. Bama: Davis McElroy might be the one who takes over the QB position for Tyler Wilson. With not much help on the defensive side, the Razorbacks will struggle by the second half. Bama 24, Arkansas 13

Tennessee vs. Bama: The Vols' defense will be much improved with several young stars from the state of Georgia, and their offense will be geared more towards the run with Rajion Neal and Marlin Lane. Alabama will have the advantage with the home crowd. Bama 27, Tennessee 16

LSU vs. Bama: Zack Mettenberger will be able to exploit a weaker defensive backfield in Alabama this season. LSU reloads defenses like my wife (Sweetheart) reloads the truck to go to the dump. McCarron will lose his cool in the 4th quarter because this will be the loss that drops Bama down to a New Year's Day game. LSU 23, Bama 16

Alabama at Mississippi State: Tyler Russell will bring some excitement to the Bulldogs' season, but it will be their defense that will win some close games. One of those close wins will not be against Alabama. Bama 16, Miss St. 10

Alabama will take Chattanooga and Auburn out like a weekday special pizza.

Alabama ends up 9-3 with a trip to the Capital One Bowl.


BamaSweetheart's Stuff   

Oh my little lamb chop, where shall I begin? I'll start with the question that affects me most, and in so many ways -- to what degree is this Man Crush you have on Nick Saban? Please be honest.

Next, you claim you are a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan, however you always write about any team BUT Georgia.

I haven't seen so much Bama since I was in aisle 5 at Wal-Mart.

Big Al is kinda cute, he does have one big trunk...a little flat for my taste though. 

I do give them credit for walking around so shameless with that big "A" scarlet letter on.

They must really believe they've committed no sin."What sin?" my fellow football freaks may ask. The sin of Assumption. Assuming they're always going to win.