Zips catch

College fans of small schools have complained for years that the Power 6 conferences love to stick it to the smaller conferences. Today was no different when a referee in the Akron Zips vs. Michigan Wolverines that costs the Zips a shot at winning the game.

Akron and Michigan were playing at tight one in The Big House today. Michigan was coming off a dramatic win over Notre Dame, while the Zips are 1-2 on the season but haven't won a road game since 2008. Akron was in Michigan territory with 24 seconds left when Akron receiver L.T. Smith (pictured above) caught a pass and was tackled at the one yard line. The umpire spotted the ball and the Zips lined up and the clock started to tick down. At 15 seconds, the official in the booth wanted to review the play because the Zips were close to a first down. The play was reviewed and the ball was moved back to the a half of a yard. Instead of resetting the game clock back to 24 seconds, the referee just let the clock stay at 15 seconds. The Big 10 announcers even mentioned that the game clock should have been reset. The Zips did not score on their next two plays, ballgame Michigan with the final score 28-24.

It is stunning to watch how when the smaller school have an opportunity to stun the big guys, the officials find a way to get involved and change the game. Football fans everywhere know that time should have been put on the clock. Play the game fair and the right way. The ref had every opportunity to check back with the replay booth and with his other crew members to make sure that the clock was reset. You know this is a critical time and point in the game and the Zips should be afforded every opportunity to win the game.

The best part about football is any given Saturday the little guy could win. When will the officials take themselves out of the game and let the players decise it.