AFC North Super Chart: Navigating the North

By Jeff Sperber
May 12, 2013 10:47 am
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5/5: AFC East

5/12: AFC North

5/19: AFC South

5/26: AFC West

6/2: NFC East

6/9: NFC North

6/16: NFC South

6/23: NFC West

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By Jeff Sperber
FN In-House Expert
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2 years ago
Ravens 7-9? Retardation Nation in effect. The Ravens had a Top 3 Draft and once they add a solid free agent WR, they'll be as good if not better than last year.
2 years ago

When I went over their schedule, I actually only have them at 6 wins. I have them losing @DEN, HOU, GB, @PIT, CIN, @CHI, PIT, @DET, NE, @CIN.

They've lost a lot of players, and while Rice and Flacco are still there, they have the 5th toughest strength of schedule. It could be a very long year in Baltimore, but one that could ultimately lead to a quick turn around
2 years ago
With the upgrades they made this offseason, I have a hard time seeing the Browns finish worse than they did last year. Their quarterback play is the only that can keep them from playoff contention this year in my opinion.

Aside from that, enjoyable, as always.
2 years ago

I agree. I see Cleveland at 7-9, third in the division. They end the year on a tough stretch though, @NE, CHI, @NYJ, @PIT. With the exception of the Jets game december should rub them out of the playoff hunt.
2 years ago

bahahahahaha....c'mon man, cincy 12-4, homer much??? baltimore with a losing, you mention the losses but don't mention who they picked up or their once again highly acclaimed draft picks. yeah but cincy at 12-4 takes the cake..give me some of what your toking on...
2 years ago

yup dave. hit it on the head. Dumervil, Huff, and the best draft in the AFC. The D was awful, old, and injured last year. The only real loss is Ellerbe, who was way overpaid.
Elam > Pollard
Dumervil > Kruger (by alot)
Huff > Reed (skills wise, not leadership-wise)
Returning Webb, and a fully healthy Suggs cannot be underrated.
Didn't replace Ellerbe and Lewis with proven players, but bolstered their Run D to offset that by bringing in Canty and Spears. McClain (who started over Ellerbe the past 2 years) and draft pick Arthur Brown will fill the hole in the middle, in addition to up-and-comers Josh Bynes (3 starts) and albert McClellan (13 starts).

Lost 1 player on offense, and return the whole o-line that dominated in the playoffs.
2 years ago
The Ravens won 10 games (rested starters for week 17) last year with the 4th hardest schedule, while being hit the hardest of any team last year injury-wise. They did lose their emotional leaders on defense, but skills-wise Lewis and Reed weren't elite anymore. The additions on defense should vault them back into the top 5 on defense. A healthy Webb, Suggs and Ngata, all top 6 defensive players in the division (with Atkins, Haden, and Woodley being the other top players), and the additions of Elam, Brown, Huff and Dumervil should make this the top defense in the division. The bengals have not improved at all except in the draft, and the Steelers took steps back by losing Keenan LEwis, James Harrison, and Mike Wallace. The Ravens had the highest ranked offense in the division, and that was without the remade offensive line which dominated in the playoffs. Yes they did lose Anquan Boldin, but he only accounted for 4 tds and the ravens expect Torrey smith and their TE, not to mention Joe Flacco to all take steps forward now that Cam Cameron is not holding them back.

On the schedule, the Flacco and Harbaugh combo has never lost more than 2 games in the division, and most analyst and especially the fans believe the Ravens have gotten better, not worse. So I am not sure why you think Pit and Cincy will each sweep the Ravens, along with losses to Chi and Det. The Ravens will be right there with New England and Denver. I am not sure what Cincy and Pitt did to earn your faith, Pitt got worse, and cncy didn't get better. The ravens did.
2 years ago
Cincy at 12-4 REALLY? And sweeping the Ravens? Yeah right!

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