By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

Clearly Jets Owner Woody Johnson has reneged on the soul he promised the devil. How else can you explain the Jets losing wide receiver Santonio Holmes for the season one week after losing Darrelle Revis for the year as well? This is worse than the "Madden Curse". 

How much worse can it get? Oh yeah, they are playing the Texans on Monday Night Football. A prime time, national butt whuppin coming up. In honor of Columbus day, maybe the Jets will discover their pride and make it a game.

If you want to watch a game, then the two best quarterbacks of their era doing battle again, is the ticket for you. Hell, it's the ticket for everyone. Manning is hoping a new uniform will help even up the 8-5 edge Brady has on him in head to head meetings.

If the Bills haven't cleared their head from the concussive force of 45 second half points from last weeks drubbing, they will be seeing double after this week. The 49ers are going for back to back AFC East stomp outs. They may succeed depending on which one of the Bills multiple personalities show up. 

If the Dolphins lose another overtime game this week, they will officially be put on suicide watch. The Bengals are 3-1 and picking up from where they were last year. Miami is still alive in this beat up AFC east and needs a win to keep it that way.

Here are five things you should be aware of:

1. The Battle of the big dogs in Foxboro. (Patriots vs. Broncos)

Welcome back Patriots. You were missing for a couple of weeks there. But you've returned to your butt-kicking, point-piling selves. Talk about your half time adjustments. Six straight touchdowns is more like a life changing experience.

Last weeks offensive explosion sent the Patriots Offensive Passer Rating to 103.38. That's good enough for number six in our stats. And their Offensive Hog Index jumped to number two, thanks to the 247 yards the Patriots amassed on the ground. 

As if all that wasn't bad enough. According to our sweet spot Quality Stats, the Patriots are 3-0 when coming off of a game where they scored at least 50 points. 

Who would dare stand up against the beast? Sir Peyton of Manning, that's who. Manning and the Broncos took the Raiders to school last week. They piled on over 500 yards of their own and held Oakland to six points in the process. 

The Broncos seem to be picking up momentum as Manning and his team begin to jell. New England has the upper hand here simply because they have already jelled, bonded, and crusted over. They should come out on top, unless of course the Patriots decide to take another vacation. 

2. Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the field. (Jets vs. Texans)

"Good GollY, Miss Molly". That has to be on the lips of every Jet in the Metlife Stadium. Even the ones who listen to Little Wayne. What else can you say when you lose your best defender and your best offensive weapon in back-to-back weeks for the season? 

There's a stampede headed towards New Jersey. And it's about to trample the face, neck, and clavicle area of the New York Jets. Just so you know, the Texans out rank the Jets in every meaningful statistical category we have. 

The ones that are going to hurt the most are the Jets Defensive Hog Index ranking of 32, and the Texans Offensive Hog Index ranking of four. That means Houston is going to run all over the Jets. They will control the clock. They will keep the Jets offense off the field (which might be a good thing for NY). And they will tire out what was once a great defense.

Did we mention the Texans are top five in Offensive Passer Rating, Defensive Passer Rating, Real Quarterback Rating, Scoreability? Someone should call a few sanitation trucks over to the stadium, so the local farmers can use what's left of the Jets as compost. 

3. Bills try to bounce back against the 49ers. (Bills vs. 49ers) 

For the Bills this must be "Nightmare on NFL Street". They wake up from one nightmare against the Patriots, to another nightmare against the 49ers. But this time they have to traverse multiple time zones for this horror show. 

Although the 49ers aren't quite the marauders they were from last year, they are still putting it to their opponents and are 3-1 for their efforts. Few wins can be a satisfying as the one they had against the Jets last week. But if the Bills play like they did in the second half against the Patriots, their beating might be apocalyptic. 

Our Quality Stats note that the 49ers are 9-1-1 (.900) at home under head coach Jim Harbaugh. Six of those wins were by 10 or more points. That must give Bills fans the shivers. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's four interception day last week must make the 49ers defense tremble with anticipation. This will be a wasted trip for the Bills.

4. Miami rights the ship against the Bengals. (Miami vs. Bengals)

Have you ever seen a dolphin with post traumatic stress? It's not pretty. They swim around in circles. They choke on their "reward" fish. And they start humping their beach balls. These are the things that can happen to you when you lose back-to-back overtime games. The Dolphins don't plan on going for the trifecta. 

Miami running back Reggie Bush should be back to full prowess and lead the rushing charge against the Bengals. Their eighth ranked Offensive Hog Index should keep the Bengals busy all day. They will also be aided by the fact that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is only 18-33-3 at home against the spread when coming off of a loss.

Two of Miamis three loses were at the hands of undefeated Oakland and Arizona. The Dolphins have toughened their knuckles against quality teams. The strength and quality of their opponents tips the scales in their favor. The Dolphins should squeak past the Bengals.

5. You should sleep well knowing . . . 

 . . . New York Jets pick up Jaguars cast off wide receiver Jason Hill to fill the hole left by the Santonio Holmes' injury. Ya see, the Jets have everything totally under control.

 . . . Manning says that Brady showed him love and support during his recovery from his neck surgeries. The cameras better be ready when they kiss at mid-field like Magic and Isiah.

 . . . Reggie Bush has gotten past his knee injury, but now has a hip injury that is bothering him. There goes "Dancing With The Stars".