Santonio Holmes The AFC East is very shaken up this year. In this article, I will say where I think each team will end up.

4. New York Jets - This may not come as a surprise for anyone. The Jets have not been good the past few seasons.

The quarterback contraversy is still not good right now. No one knows who will start for the Jets this season whether it will be Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez.

If the Jets don't do anything this year, expect this to be Rex Ryan's last season as the head coach of the New York Jets.

3. Buffalo Bills - The Bills are a young and upcoming team. C.J. Spiller is one of the fastest running backs in the league but he needs to be healthy.

They also need a good QB that can lead this team. Kevin Kolb doesn't cut it for the Bills right now after they released Ryan Fitspatrick. The Bills won't make the playoffs this year but I believe they will in the next few seasons.

2. Miami Dolphins - The Dolphins are also a young team. They got a lot of players in free agency this year, most notably former Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. He is one of the fastest receivers in the NFL. Ryan Tannehill is also a young quarterback. He's still maturing in the NFL but I believe he will be a lot better than he was last year. The running game is getting better too. I expect the Dolphins to possibly make the playoffs this year.

1. New England Patriots - The Patriots are still the dynasty of the division. Even though they've lost Hernandez, Gronkowski (injuries), and Welker, Brady can still run a offense. They signed Danny Amendola in the offseason to replace Welker pretty much.

Belichick is still one of the best head coaches in the NFL right now and I still think they will win this division and get into the playoffs but they won't win it by much. I think they will win it by a game but their defense has to be better too. We will see what happens in the upcoming season!