4. Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins (1st Season)

All-Time HC Win/Loss: 0-0

Dolphins HC Win/Loss: 0-0

Greatest Achievement: Super Bowl XLV victory with Packers (offensive coordinator)

Random Award: Potential for Longevity - This gentleman possesses the ability to maintain a long-term head coaching position with the franchise.

Bottom Line: Joe Philbin enters his first season at the helm for the struggling Miami Dolphins. He was previously the offensive coordinator for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers from 2007-2011, in which he won Super Bowl XLV.

Philbin has a tough job ahead of him due to a rebuilding Dolphins franchise and a lot of weak spots on the roster. Philbin also inherits a team that recently drafted a franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Overall, it will be a significant challenge for Philbin; it is the man's first head coaching gig of his career (at any level).

3. Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills (3rd Season)

All-Time HC Win/Loss: 28-36

Bills HC Win/Loss: 10-22

Greatest Achievement: 1998 NFC East Division Title with Cowboys (head coach)

Random Award: Coach on the Hot Seat - After two consecutive seasons of burning out and missing the playoffs, this head coach enters a make-or-break year.

Bottom Line: Chan Gailey has no excuses for the 2012 NFL season. His front office brought in the top free agent on the market, defensive end Mario Williams, as well as a slew of notable draft picks, such as first-round cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

His offense and defense contains a number of notable performers (Nick Barnett) and excellent backups (C.J. Spiller). In general, the Bills' roster is as good as it's been in many years - at least on paper. After a hot start to the previous season, Gailey and company reverted to a 6-10 final record, missing the playoffs once again. With expectations as high as we've seen in a long time, it's time for Gailey to show up or get out.

2. Rex Ryan, New York Jets (4th Season)

All-Time HC Win/Loss: 28-20

Jets HC Win/Loss: 28-20

Greatest Achievement: Super XXXV victory with Ravens (defensive line coach)

Random Award: Media Man - Thanks to ESPN, NFL Network, and HBO's Hard Knocks, the entire football world is well-aware of the words and antics of this head coach.

Bottom Line: At first, Rex Ryan was on track to becoming one of the league's premier young head coaches.

Thanks to two consecutive AFC Championship appearances (both losses), Ryan seemed to have an immature, raw Mark Sanchez and his squad on pace for a lengthy AFC East domination tour.

However, the 2011 NFL season proved that Ryan needed to adjust his future gameplan. Although his defense remains (and most likely will always remain) a top-flight attack, his offensive scheme and personnel clearly needs a lot of work. A dreadful 8-8 last season should motivate Ryan to prove his doubters wrong - even if his mouth says otherwise.

1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots (13th Season)

All-Time HC Win/Loss: 175-97

Patriots HC Win/Loss: 139-53

Greatest Achievement: Three Super Bowl victories: XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX (head coach)

Random Award: Best NFL Head Coach - In today's game, and perhaps all-time, there is head no coach better than this gentleman.

Bottom Line: A future Hall of Fame inductee, five Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl victories, nine Division Titles, three AP NFL Coach of the Year awards, etc, etc, etc, ...is there really much else to say? The reality is that no matter what, the Patriots will always compete for a Super Bowl with Bill Belichick at the helm.