Joe Flacco Today’s AFC Championship Game won’t just be another playoff game on the books, but it will be something that we’ll remember for years to come.

The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots don’t like each other and it’s very evident as shots are fired back and forth from both side on who is the better team.

We can’t forget, as well, if the Ravens lose this challenging game Ray Lewis will be done and retired for good.

Last year’s loss in the AFC title game to the New England Patriots has the Baltimore Ravens looking for revenge and maybe blood to go with that.

They were one big play away last year from going to the Super Bowl to face last year’s champs, the New York Giants. But that was spoiled by the Patriots and they loved every moment of it too.

Tom Brady & Co. lives for these games against their arch rival Baltimore Ravens. We know today will be a super slugfest and might look like a Super Bowl game itself.

I will be glued to the TV and enjoy every minute of this game. The question is, who has more to lose in this game?

I would say the New England Patriots do because many people are looking for them to go back to the Super Bowl and maybe clinch a fourth title for Brady and Belichick.

Each team knows that it won’t be an easy game today and everyone has to come out with everything they got. Little mistakes can cost a team the game and both are looking for an edge. War is what we’ll see today and nothing less.

Ray Rice knows the Patriots will be looking for the run so their defense will pick up intensity. So this means that Joe Flacco will have to use his strong arm and throw it down field to win the game.

However, Brady has something to say about that. He will be looking to pick the Baltimore Ravens apart with his short and long throws to his receivers.

My prediction is that the Baltimore Ravens will finally get over the hump and beat the Patriots today. The game will be very close, though, but the defense of the Baltimore Ravens will step up and get the job done.

Flacco has to stay away from those interceptions that he’s used to throwing and just let the game come to him and everything will be okay in Massachusetts.