A season after rushing for 2,000 yards, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is setting his goals even higher. Peterson aims to rush for 2,500 yards in 2013 and believes he will break Emmitt Smith’s rushing record of 18,355 yards, by the end of the 2017 season.

With the year AP had in 2012, it’s hard to argue with him, but considering at 28, the All-Pro running back isn’t even half way, and still needs 9,507 yards to break the all-time record, its quite a hefty goal.

And the RB is not only saying he will break it one day, he has circled the date in 2017, estimating it will take him 79 more games to reach Smith. That works out to be an average of 120.3 yards per game for nearly a five-year span.

That’s insane. That many yards per game works out to be 1,900 yards per season, which is a career year for any running back. Plus, he expects to repeat the feat five times.

"Whoo. That's pushing it, huh? But hey, pushing it is the only way to do it. You know it," Peterson told the newspaper according to ESPN.

Even if Peterson can maintain his current pace, 1,474 yards per year, it will take him another six-and-a-half seasons to reach Smith. And typically, well not typically, inevitably, running back’s production slows down with age.

It seems merely impossible.

But inevitably, running backs aren’t as good when they return from major knee surgery. It would be fitting to say everyone said it was impossible for a running back to rush for 2,000 yards less than a year after tearing an ACL, but no one said that because the feat seemed so utterly improbable it was assumed he couldn’t do it.

But he did.

Running backs in recent history have made these absurd predictions of well over 2,000 rushing yards in a season and have fallen well short, aka Chris Johnson, but this prediction seems different.

Peterson was great before his injury, but he reached legendary status last season. He is the Albert Pujols of football; a “machine”, a man among boys, a player so above-and-beyond the competition the fans that get to watch him will one day never stop raving about him to their sons. One of the best of all-time in any era. Basically, what Albert used to be.

As unlikely as it sounds when one does all the math, I say throw probability out the window, and go get it AP.