Adrian Peterson It is not every day you are presented with a an absolute truth. A sure thing, totally reasonable and totally just. These are the realities.

Adrian Peterson is MVP of the NFL. And Comeback Player of the Year. And a super alien from Texas with powers far beyond mortal men.

He is the best player in football right now. And it is not just that he is, it is also how he did it.

I know bloggers, journalists and pundits, as well as that sawed off little tool bag at the end of the bar, have their opinions about anything, including football and they stir the pot by making outrageous statements -- this makes news, this creates discussion.

I remember when Bill Romanowski said Tim Tebow would win a Super Bowl. No statement has ever been so wrong, but it certainly sparked some interesting conversation on TV. We all have some ridiculous opinions, but there are also universal truths. The list of possible MVP candidates is longer than one would expect, but let's narrow it down to the three front runners shall we?

Robert Griffin III: Lead his team to the playoffs - check. Was voted a team captain after the bye AS A ROOKIE - check. Fastest guy on the field in almost all situations, including while wearing a knee brace the size of Kentucky. Ask DeMarcus Ware how fast he is with that thing on) 800+ yards rushing - check. Cannon for an arm, 3000+ yards, 20 TDs ,27 total - check. Now the big one -- division champion.

RG3 did some amazing things this year, but it seemed much more important due to his rookie status. He was helped out mightily by one Alfred Morris, who in a normal year would have a legit claim to rookie of the year himself.

And not to crap on the Redskins' fantastic season, but their division win was as much about the Giants'collapse as the 'Skins late season surge. There were high expectations for RG3, and he exceeded all of them. Still one of them wasn't to be able to run again, possibly ever. Good but not good enough.

Peyton Manning: If you have followed Mr. Manning's career, you know he has had better years with significantly lesser tools. This isn't even the best Peyton Manning we have seen. His receiving corps is just as talented as Wayne, Harrison, Clark and his defense, with apologies to Freeney and Mathis, puts him routinely in positions of advantage.

They are far better than the Colts' defenses he played with and that makes a difference. His offensive line is excellent. He has a more than decent running game. Heck, even his kicker is good. The point is,neck surgeries considered, Peyton Manning has had lots of help to reach this transcendent season, and he would win both MVP and comeback player in a normal year. But this year he won't, because....

I could start by giving you all the numbers that AP has compiled this year. But I don't have to. You know them. I could tell you that the Vikings' only other significant weapon, Percy Harvin, has not set foot on the field since November 6th, but you know that too. I could tell you that the quarterback play in Minnesota has been sub par (I am being very kind) but in a continuing theme, you know this too.

Some will bring up Kyle Rudolph's 493 yards and nine red zone TDs -- that's the best distraction you can give an opposing defense? I already know that you know what I know, every team the Vikings face threw eight in the box, Jersey barriers, the Avengers, Betty White, the 86th Airborne and a troop of Roman gladiators at AP and failed to stop him.

This would be the most amazing thing we had seen this year if it wasn't for one day. December 24th, 2011. If you saw that shot to his knee, you thought as everyone else did -- that's it. That's the end of a great career. He might come back, but he will never be "All Day,"again.

I am not a Vikings fan, or really an Adrian Peterson fan. When he came out of Oklahoma and broke his collarbone (again) I thought he was a little frail. I was wrong. This man who runs the ball in a passing league, not only did great things on the field, but served as an inspiration to anyone who cared to look.

No fanfare or press conferences. Just a lot of hard work. He has massive talent,but by his sheer force of will he transcended a career-ending injury to actually be better than was pre injury. And he did it, with apologies to Phil Loadholt, Matt Kalil and the rest of the Minnesota offensive line that played their butts off, with significantly less assistance than anyone else in the league.

They knew he was coming and the still could not stop him. The Packers know if they lose on Sunday it will be Peterson that beats them. He will be humble and say it was a team win,and he will believe that much. But you and I know better. Enjoy watching the MVP son, we may never see another one like him.