8 Draft Bargains That Could Lead You to Fantasy Success in 2014

By Nick Bonde
August 15, 2014 11:48 pm
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Philip Rivers (SD)- Does 4,478 passing yards, 32 passing touchdowns, and only 11 interceptions sound like statistics put up by a quarterback that has an average fantasy draft position of round 10? No, it does not! Rivers was top 5 fantasy quarterback in 2013 with those statistics. He will return in 2014 with the same receiving core he had last year and good health. Not all quarterbacks can say that. Rivers is being serverly underrated by fantasy drafters this year. Rivers is a solid QB1 that will be a steal at round 10. Make sure you cash in on his hidden value. 

Tony Romo (DAL)- The Cowboy’s defense is looking like it has the potential to be worse in 2014 than it was in 2013. Now that is one bad defense, but this is good for future Romo fantasy owners. If the Cowboys want to win games this year, they are going to have to score a lot. Romo has Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Demarco Murray, and the experienced Jason Witten to use as weapons in the passing game. That is one of the better collections of receiving weapons in the NFL. Romo is a bargain at his ADP of round 9.


Running Backs:

Toby Gerhart (JAC)- Gerhart is on track to receive a major workload in 2014. He is a versatile runner with good size, speed, and caughting ability. It is looking like he is going to be the Jaguars workhorse back and receive goal line touches. If Gerhart can stay healthy in 2014, he can easily be a RB 1 for your fantasy team. Gerhart is going in rounds 4 and 5 on average. RB's are being drafted early on average this year. Gerhart is a good value pick in the later rounds.

Rashad Jennings (NYG)- Jennings is a very talented runner. The Giants will use him in many different situations throughout the year. Jennings is a physical runner than will receive down and goal line carries. He is also a very good pass catcher and will be heavily involved in Eli Manning’s passing attack. The Giant’s offense will be focusing on shorter passes and screens this year, increasing Jenning’s role. Jennings ADP of round 5 makes him a good value pick.


Wide Receivers:

Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN)- Patterson is a very athletic WR. He is a very fast route runner and has good hands. The only thing that is keeping his draft value down for 2014 is the fact that he is on the offense-lacking Minnesota Vikings. With Teddy Bridgewater looking to take the starting role in Minnesota at some point this season, Patterson is poised for a breakout season. Of course, the real fantasy key to Patterson’s fantasy success is a man named Adrian Peterson. Peterson will divert defensive attention from Patterson. Patterson’s ADP is around round 4 or 5.

Jeremy Maclin (PHI)- Maclin is bouncing back from torn ACL that kept him out of the 2013 season. He is a talented wide receiver with a few years of experience under his belt. Maclin is the number 1 wide receiver on a pass offense that was very explosive in 2013. Nick Foles and Maclin should develop a good connection in 2014. Maclin is being drafted around the 7th or 8th round in fantasy drafters.


Tight Ends:

Greg Olsen (CAR)- Olsen is set up to have a breakout season. Cam Newton has lost 3 or his top 4 receiving targets from last year. The only one remaining is Olsen. Olsen has the height, speed, and athletic ability to be a weapon no matter the field position or game situation. Olsen is being drafted around the 9th round in a lot of drafts. There is no reason to doubt that he will exceed his draft position and be a number 1 TE for your fantasy team.

Kyle Rudolph (MIN)- Rudolph is another bright spot in the Viking’s pass offense this year. At 6’ 6” 260 pounds, Rudolph will be a red zone target for the Vikings in the passing. The Adrian Peterson effect on defenses should give Rudolph many open opportunities. Rudolph is not being taken until the late rounds in a lot of drafts.

*Feel free to comment any fantasy questions or concerns you might have about the Panthers, the players mentioned, or fantasy football in general. 

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By Nick Bonde
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13 months ago
Be careful with Phillip Rivers. The reason he ranks so low is he runs very hot and cold. Either he puts up 400 yards and 3 TDs or he throws for 150 yards and 1 TD.

Example) For the second half of the season last year he had 5 games where he scored less than 20 Fantasy points.

Rivers is exactly the type of quarterback who will leave you scratching your head when you lead your league in Fantasy points but don't make the playoffs.
13 months ago

Thanks for commenting Joel. I totally agree with you that Rivers has not been a fantasy quarterback that can carry your team on a weekly basis by himself over the last few years. He is definitely no Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. However, with an ADP of round 10, he really shouldn't have to carry your team by himself. If you are drafting a quarterback in the 10th round they are hopefully either your backup or you have a very solid lineup in the other positions on your team. Rivers is a player that can make a good team great on any given week. His upside is hard to match in the 10th round.
13 months ago
I agree about Rivers being good value. However he does face the NCF West so for at least 1/4 of his games he is gonna have a tough time. I think he is a great player and great value buhis stats may go down a little having to face that brutal division. Great article!

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