So here we all are together....ambivalent Texans fans, bitter Patriots fans, optimistic Seahawks fans, disgusted Falcons fans, et. al.

Our teams' seasons are over, and there's still one more game left (as if it even matters to us at this point!) and it just happens to book-end a Beyonce concert. Who knew ALL of the former members of Destiny's Child would be available? (This reunion will only be rivaled in 2013 by the rumored Oscars on-stage amalgam of ALL the "007" actors with Adele while she sings "SkyFall"....even the drunk uncle of James Bonds, George Lazenby, will be there!) 

Anyhoo, here's a list of guys that you can pick from before the game and, when they make a play, you can cheer for and then have some justification as to why.