7 Players - Besides Ray Lewis - To Root For In The Super Bowl

By Vincent Orleck
January 25, 2013 9:06 am
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Miami Dolphins Fans Reaction to Ginn instead of Quinn.

So here we all are together....ambivalent Texans fans, bitter Patriots fans, optimistic Seahawks fans, disgusted Falcons fans, et. al.

Our teams' seasons are over, and there's still one more game left (as if it even matters to us at this point!) and it just happens to book-end a Beyonce concert. Who knew ALL of the former members of Destiny's Child would be available? (This reunion will only be rivaled in 2013 by the rumored Oscars on-stage amalgam of ALL the "007" actors with Adele while she sings "SkyFall"....even the drunk uncle of James Bonds, George Lazenby, will be there!) 

Anyhoo, here's a list of guys that you can pick from before the game and, when they make a play, you can cheer for and then have some justification as to why. 

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By Vincent Orleck
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2 years ago
No Ed Reed? The guy is only the best FS of his generation.
2 years ago
He is, I agree. However, I pulled these guys names to feature because of some specific reason to root for the individual other than that they have played for a long time, or they are really good. Good suggestion though! Thanks for reading :)
2 years ago
This should be renamed Seven Players to root for INSTEAD of Ray Lewis.
2 years ago
My reason to root for the 49ers in the SB. It is not because I want Baltimore to lose, although it would be nice to see...but there is another reason that I really want to see the 49ers win the game and that is so Randy Moss can finally get the one thing that has eluded him, to be called "champion" and wear a Super Bowl ring....... HE DESERVES IT.

He thought, as we all did, that following the spectacular season that he personally had, and the spectacular undefeated regular season and then two games more in the post season, that the Patriots had, that it would be his year to finally get that ring.

We all know what happened..... Regardless of what some people may say about him.... his on field performances were outstanding and well worthy of him being called one of the greatest, at his position, to ever play the game...... HE HAS EARNED, AND HE DESERVES, TO WEAR THE RING OF A CHAMPION. GOOD LUCK, RANDY.

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