As Super Bowl time rolls around, fans and reporters are quick to highlight and remember the greatest players and plays from past Super Bowls. However, there is usually little mention of Super Bowl duds. This article revisits some quarterbacks who had bad days on Super Sunday.  

Rich Gannon, Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XXXVII:   With Rich Gannon at quarterback, Oakland made its first Super Bowl appearance since Super Bowl XVIII as the Los Angeles Raiders. Gannon would set a Super Bowl record in this game; however, it would be for the most interceptions thrown in a Super Bowl with five.

Making matters worse, three of the interceptions turned into Tampa Bay touchdowns. Additionally, Gannon only threw for 282 yards and did not throw a touchdown until late in the third quarter.  

Kerry Collins, New York Giants, Super Bowl XXXV: The Baltimore Ravens have built up their reputation as a great defense, and this displayed in this game. Collins finished the game only completing 15 of 39 attempts, passing for just 112 yards. Additionally, Baltimore sacked Collins four times and recorded four interceptions, returning one for a touchdown.

Collins finished the game with a 7.1 quarterback rating, which is second worse in Super Bowl games. Additionally, Collins’ average of 2.9 yards per pass play is second worse among Super Bowl quarterbacks who have attempted 15 or more passes.

Joe Theisman, Washington Redskins, Super Bowl, XXVIII: Despite finishing the game with 243 passing yards, Joe Theisman was unable to pass for a touchdown, while throwing for two interceptions. Additionally, Theisman finished the game with a 45.7 completion percentage and 45.3 quarterback rating.

Craig Morton and Norris Weese, Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XII: The Denver Broncos had no answer at quarterback in Super Bowl XII. Despite, playing two different quarterbacks, Denver only managed eight pass completions on 25 attempts, passing for just 61 yards.

Additionally, Morton threw four interceptions, and both quarterbacks were sacked twice.

Billy Kilmer, Washington Redskins, Super Bowl VII:  Despite Miami winning this game, and capping off a perfect season, both quarterback Brian Greise and Washington’s Billy Kilmer played a role in the game’s outcome.

Kilmer would pass for no touchdowns in the game and Washington’s only points scored in the game came on defense. Additionally, Kilmer finished with only 104 passing yards, and three interceptions.