Lane Kiffin isn’t the only football coach to fail at his job. He just happens to be the one who has failed at the last three job s he has had. And failed miserably at that.

The head coach of a college football program might be the hardest of all coaching jobs. But it might also be the job where the most accountability is needed.

Kiffin failed at the coaching side, the integrity portion and the accountability test. The academic portion has yet to be determined.

Understand that as a brash, good looking, silver-spooned kid who was handed the keys to the castle in Oakland and then tried to claim Rocky Top as his own and then were handed the Golden Key to Los Angeles, Kiffin proved he is nothing more than an offensive coordinator - at that.

There have been others who have fallen from grace and other who have made a mockery of what college football is supposed to be. Here are five of them.

5. George O’Leary

Let’s say it is better to say nothing than say something that might come back to bit you in the hind quarters.

O’Leary is not a bad coach by any stretch as proof with his UCF’s win over Penn State. But a few “untruths” landed him on the outside looking in with Notre Dame. His tenure lasted all of one week.

O'Leary lasted just a week before resigning.

O'Leary claimed on his resume that he went to NYU-Stony Brook University and got a master's degree. Problem is, there's no such place as NYU-Stony Brook. They're two separate institutions. He didn't get a master's, either. O'Leary also claimed that he lettered three years in football while at New Hampshire.

Well, he didn't play a single game at New Hampshire.

4. Gene Chizik

Well, he did win a National Title with another “questionable” athlete, Cam Newton.

When you are 5-19 before you take the job at Auburn, shouldn’t that put up a red flag?

If I told you Chizik did not coach this team to a national title as much as Newton won the title and the Heisman, would you disagree with me?

Maybe the fact he did not win another SEC game once his prized passer left for the NFL was proof he was a disaster as a head coach.

3. Lane Kiffin

He could have made this list twice when you think about it. His body work is impressive for the short time he has been in the college game. He was in Tennessee only a year before moving on to USC.

He infamously accused Florida's Urban Meyer of recruiting violations, which earned Kiffin a reprimand from the SEC. This was made worse by the fact that Kiffin broke NCAA rules himself. Then there was the incident where Kiffin told Alshon Jeffery that he'd end up pumping gas if he went to South Carolina.

What a true class act.

2. Rich Rodriguez, Michigan

What looked like a great move by both Rodriguez and Michigan became a marriage made in hell. The problems that existed for Rodriguez in Ann Arbor really stemmed from his issues in Morgantown. And his three years on campus, it became obvious he was not the right fix. The bottom line was clear - Rodrigues was brought in to beat Ohio State and that never happened. Sorry, Big Blue, Rodriguez would never become Bo.

1. Mike Locksley, New Mexico

New Mexico isn't exactly a major juggernaut in college football, but Locksley takes the cake for ruining a good thing. He was hit with an age and discrimination lawsuit from one of his administrative assistants, although that was later withdrawn. Then, he struck an assistant coach and received a reprimand from the university.

Add a 2-26 record to his resume and it was time for him to leave without a goodbye.