Who saw this coming?

Stanford over Oregon? Maybe. But Kansas State getting pounded by Baylor? College football at it's best. Wild, unpredictable and above all, fun.

So to assume Notre Dame is going to be in the BCS Title game is silly itself. Especially playing in their biggest rival game on the other side of the country two days after Thanksgiving.

But that's what we do here. Silly. Fun. USC has the talent to beat Notre Dame Saturday at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. And the way this season has gone we should probably expect them to. But Notre Dame is Notre Dame. And as such generates more hype than usual for college football.

So who will they play if they make it? Alabama would be the most glamorous match up. There are not two more decorated teams in the history of college football.

But is Alabama the most deserving? They get extra points in the BCS rankings based upon the fact they started the year ranked higher than Georgia, Oregon, Florida and Florida State. But their only loss was at home! Shouldn't that mark them down a little? 

Here they are. The five teams who have one loss who could make a case to play in the BCS Title game January 7th in Miami, FL.

5. Ohio State 

I know, they aren't eligible. And they haven't played much of a schedule either. Too bad. Ohio State and Notre Dame would be a fun BCS championship game. With no SEC teams.

Kansas State and Florida will not make the list. No team with it's season and a shot at it's first national title on the line can lose to Baylor by 28 points. End of story. They're done. As for Florida it's simple for me. If you can't win your own division, don't play in your own conference championship game, you're out too.

4. Florida State

Jimbo Fisher complained last week about the computers and their treatment of Florida State's position in the BCS standings. He's right. To a point. It's a joke that two of the computers didn't have Florida State in the top 25! But part of that is the Seminole's own fault. They started the season with games against Murray State and Savannah State.

Their conference schedule is much too soft to overcome two scrimmages at the beginning of the year. Throw in a one point
loss to North Carolina State and you are at the mercy of those who put together this poll. They will have a chance to really make an impression on voters and computers this week when they host Florida. It's probably too little too late though. They're out.

3. Oregon

I'm going to put them at three for for now with the possibility of moving up depending on the next couple weeks. Oregon lost at home to a good team. And showed a bit of weakness in the loss to the Cardinal. Despite all that speed they look like they can still be pushed around by a big physical team like Stanford. Notre Dame is that kind of team as well. You never know, but they look like the best they can do is jump to two after everything is settled. I can't see them jumping Georgia and Alabama.

2. Georgia  

Richt has what he wants. A shot at Alabama for SEC supremacy and a championship game with Notre Dame. That's a pretty glamorous game itself. Georgia can play with the Crimson Tide and they have a big edge at quarterback with Aaron Murray at the helm. But Saban holds the biggest edge of all. I can't see Georgia beating Alabama with Nick Saban in charge.

1. Alabama

I don't know if they're the best team left. But my guess is they will be by the time conference championship game arrives. They have benefited from the number one ranking at the beginning of the year. And their schedule hasn't been the typical SEC power schedule they usually face. But they are the defending champs, they have the best coach and their only loss is to college football's current front runner for the Heisman, Johnny Football, who had the game of the year against the Crimson Tide a couple weeks ago. Like it or not, it's the Tide.

Who, to be honest, I have more faith of making that title game than I do the Fighting Irish.