Hakeem Nicks Does the fact that Hakeem Nicks was not traded by the New York Giants at the deadline help or hurt this franchise? Maybe a little of both.

There is plenty of talent in this 25-year-old receiver, but the Giants' coaching staff must first find a way to bring out the skills that have made him effective in blue and red before.

According to the New York Daily News, “Nicks has 34 catches for 521 yards and no touchdowns and at least six dropped passes. And for someone who used to be the Giants’ big-play receiver, he’s becoming more infamous for the plays he no longer seems able to make.”

There were rumblings out of the Giants' offices that they had received offers for their star receiver, but were never really serious about making a deal.

Now, the team may have Nicks for the remainder of the season, as he is in the last season of his current contract. Will the Giants be able to coax Nicks to perform like he has in the past and possibly sign a new deal with the franchise, or will Nicks continue to underperform and walk away from Gotham without a new deal after the holidays?

There are plenty of teams out there who could have used Nicks in their offense. Not just middle of the road teams - contenders. Here are five teams who could have used Nicks’ talent immediately.

New England Patriots

The team that remains atop the AFC East because no one is ready to challenge them. The Patriots at some point will implode. Tom Brady cannot do this all on his own and while there are players who have produced as rookies and young players, Nicks brings an explosive factor this this it has not had since Randy Moss was in Boston.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If Ben Roethlisberger starts to catch fire, having Nicks as a target sure would not have hurt. The team isn’t missing Mike Wallace as much as they are not connecting in the passing game. Maybe Nicks could have given them a real boost.

Atlanta Falcons

Injuries, injuries and more injuries. This is a team that has been hit harder than any other franchise in the league. With both Roddy White and Julio Jones out, Harry Douglas has been the primary target of Matt Ryan.

Nicks would have been dynamic on a fast carpet in the ATL.

Baltimore Ravens

Another target for Joe Flacco.

He is not living up to his Super Bowl MVP billing and we cannot explain the Ravens offense right now. Nicks is a big red zone addition for Flacco and would take some heat off the Ravens’ other receivers.

New York Jets

They are a team that could be a playoff contender with some more parts to the offense. Nicks is a perfect fit to complement rookie Geno Smith. He could also be the red zone threat this team lacks and a great outside post receiver.