There is nothing else you can say about the Miami Dolphins' offensive line. It was a porous as Swiss cheese. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill should get a medal for the punishment he took because five guys could not help protect his blind side, his front side or his back side.

Instead of yelling for Miami touchdowns, the mantra "Down Goes Tannehill" was used on more than one occasion.

While the ill-fated idea of Lamar Miller as the running back in Miami faltered, much can be blamed on the offensive line and its inept ability to open holes or move defensive linemen out of the way. But in reality, Miller and his fellow runner Daniel Thomas, must shoulder a lot of the blame as well.

The Dolphins fired offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and replaced him with Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor. The idea Lazor worked with Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense proved to be dynamic this season could play dividends for the franchise.

With that in mind, the Senior Bowl should be the start to the team's rebuilding process. This is a franchise that was only one game out of the playoff hunt, but several changes must be made to show offensive improvement. Here are five players the Dolphins should look to in Mobile as possible draft picks.