After suffering an ACL injury last season, Robert Griffin III isn't doing his team any favors this season; here's five reasons why he should be benched for the remainder of the season.



After suffering a torn ACL last season, Griffin was rushed back and hasn't been 100% since. This takes a major aspect away from his game -- scrambling. Breaking away for a 20-yard run is what defines Robert Griffin III; he's what the Washington Redskins wanted, a dual-threat quarterback, yet if he isn't 100% and is taking brutal punishment nearly every game, it's time reevaluate. RG3 just isn't healthy, and it is also affecting his accuracy when throwing the ball, causing turnovers and meaningless drives, something Kirk Cousins could correct.



Robert Griffin III hasn't had the time to develop himself into more of a pocket passer. During the offseason, RG3 had to spend time getting his knee back to full strength rather than focusing on his quarterback fundamentals, he hasn't had the appropiate time to spend with himself, which is another reason RG3 should be temporarily benched.

No more read-option:

Let's face it, the real reason RG3 was able to accumulate 20 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions was the ability to utilize the read-option. The Washington Redskins built their offense around Griffin by utilizing the read-option as he was used to it in college. In addition, defensive coordinators in the NFL were unprepared on stopping it, especially with a running back of Alfred Morris' caliber in which opposing defenses also had to contain; this contributed even more to RG3's success.

This is the first season Griffin is playing without the read-option; he now has to play like a real NFL quarterback, and he hasn't had the time to develop those skills that would mold him into a more fundamentally-sound pocket passer like Kirk Cousins.


One can tell from Griffin's post-game interviews that he rarely finds anything wrong with HIS game; he blames it on the team as a whole instead. If Griffin cannot take the blame when needed, he'll always be hesitant on correcting his game if he doesn't think it's his fault. Any organization is going to want a quarterback that's going to bite the bullet when needed and improve his game to ensure his team's success -- if Griffin cannot find fault in his play, the Redskins are in trouble.

Maturity as a quarterback:

Griffin has a habit of trying to make a play out of nothing. If the play isn't there, it isn't there -- this is when RG3 will run away from trouble, throw an interception, all while taking a big shot by Aldon Smith in the process. Sometimes as a quarterback, you have to take what the defense gives you, forcing passes and getting knocked around isn't good for you, or your team's health.