OSU So the idea behind this piece was to come up with five reasons why the Ohio State Buckeyes are not worthy of BCS Title game bid.

Ok, got it. But, just five?

Where do I start?

1. The Big Ten

2. The Big Ten

3. The Big Ten

4.The Big Ten

5. The Big Ten

What's that? Oh you're serious! My bad! Sorry! Yes, there are plenty of OTHER reasons why Ohio State isn't worthy of a title shot.

1. Hello! They're not one of the top two teams in the country. Period. Alabama is better. Florida State is better. Hands down. Case closed. Plus Auburn, Baylor and Oregon have a more accomplished resume at this point anyway.

Are we even sure the Buckeyes are the best team in the Big 10? I'm not. Better than Michigan State? Prove it. Look, unless Jameis Winston is held out of a bowl, and Auburn, Baylor and Oregon all lose (very possible) then no, Ohio State has not yet earned a title shot.

2. The Buckeyes did this to themselves. The non-conference schedule for 2013 featured Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal and Florida A&M. Urban Meyer knows better. And he's been on the job long enough that at least one BCS worthy opponent could have been found. If you're content to roll the Big Ten ok, that's your perogative. But to throw out four patsies in addition to a soft conference schedule then you deserve what you get.

3. Notre Dame. Alabama crushing the Fighting Irish last January isn't helping Ohio State's case. Say this for Notre Dame, who got blown out by Alabama in the last BCS title game. They played a tough schedule. They had some near misses, some good fortune and didn't always look good doing it. But they finished undefeated with some impressive wins on their resume. Point being, if you're not from the SEC, you're viewed a bit differently, and only Oregon in recent years has crashed the SEC party and looked worthy.

4. The Buckeye Resume. What's the signature win thus far? The big win on their schedule? Hmm, let's see. Well, they beat Wisconsin by seven at home. They knocked off Northwestern in Chicago by 10. That's it folks. With this schedule they desperately need some blowout wins and can't get that either. Case in point. They gave up 35 points to a three win Illinois team last weekend. Fortunately Ohio State has Indiana this weekend and Michigan the day after Thanksgiving to upgrade that resume! Try not to laugh.

5. If you're going to play for the BCS title there is one common theme that transcends the teams that have played for all the marbles. And that's defense. Dominating defense. The kind of defense Alabama plays and Florida used to play under Meyer. The Buckeyes are not close to that at the moment. Urban knows it too. 

It comes back to the original point. The Big Ten. If the idea for Meyer was to move to a less competitive conference with an easier path to BCS title games than mission accomplished. It's still easier to move Ohio State through the Big Ten and hope enough other teams stumble than to battle Alabama, LSU and the rest of the SEC on a weekly basis. This isn't Florida. The conference schedule is not enough. If the Buckeyes want a shot at the big boys they have to schedule them once in awhile.