I had just moved to Jacksonville as a youngster, where my images football were about Don Shula, Nat Moore, and a stinging defense led by AJ Duke.

But as a 10-year-old watching some guy named Joe Montana and a running back named Wendell Tyler and some guy named Dwight Clark making "The Catch" the 49ers became and instant favorite of my father and brother. Watching names like Randy Cross, Gary Johnson and youngsters like Ronnie Lott - I wasn't quite aware of what I was witnessing.

Now it all makes sense. Although I rooted for Cincinnati and the Bengals in the Super Bowl that year (loyality to my mother and her being an Ohio native), I witnesses greatness in that 49ers team.

The same thing might be said for this 49ers team under the eye of Jim Harbaugh. As a franchise that has been to the NFC Title game the past three years, there is nothing the team seems it cannot do, except maybe beat the Seattle Seahawks.

You heard me. But in reality, I am rooting for the 49ers to come through and play in this year's Super Bowl. There isn't a need to worry about the Baltimore Ravens this season, so what else could impede this team from its destiny?

Here are five reasons to root for the 49ers.

Frank Gore

If there was any player in the NFL who brings his lunch pail to work, gives you hard yards and works like his life depends on it, it happens to be Gore. The former player from The U is as tough as they come and has been part of the backbone of this time since he got the the left coast.

Third time is the charm

Don't you think some Karma has something to do with this? Jim Harbaugh is an amazing coach since he came to the 49ers from Stanford and college ranks. Harbaugh is a fiery guy who does not like Pete Carroll from their days in college when Carroll was at USC. This time, the game goes to San Fran.

John Harbaugh

The look on brother Jim's face said it all - his older brother bested him. That is an image and a thought that must burn in Harbaugh's brain all the time and might be the driving force for his determination in getting to New York.  This season, the other Harbaugh wins the big one.

Stinging defense

There is a real chance this could be a game 38 points are scored and a 20-18 outcome is very possible. I love watching games where the defenses control the game and running game could be the deciding factors in the winner of this game.

Adds to the rivalry

This is the new New York Jets/New England rivalry. Coaches who do not get along. Teams that play untilt he whistle stops. Defenses that try to hold quarterbacks at bay. It is not only awesome for its fans, it is something the NFL needs now that players like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are toward the end of their careers. Simply Awesome, Baby!