I personally am not a big fan of the Seahawks. I don't know anyone that is either. This isn't by chance, if you don't live in Seattle you probably aren't a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks. 

Here are 5 reasons to cheer against those Home-Hawking Seattle Seahawks. 

#5 Not the original 12th man. Texas A&M is Home of the 12th man. They licensed it in 1980, and there was a lawsuit filed against Seattle in 2005 for use of the "12th man". Seattle gave them a bunch of money and acknowledged that A&M had the rights to it, and Texas A&M let it go. The Aggies will always be the real 12th man however, and Seattle will never be able to say that. Come on, get your own tradition.

#4 They have a 5"11 QB who makes your favorite team's defense look like a college. 
Russell Wilson is a great athlete and quarterback. The second year from Wisconsin has great stats (26 TD 9 INT), and a great record ( Most wins by any QB in first two years; 24). He can hurt you with his arms and feet and make your favorite NFL teams' defense look silly. You don't want to ever face this "undersized" QB who makes you frustrated as a fan. 

#3 They are lead by Pete Carroll and if you follow college ball he has probably made your team look bad a couple of times.
 Pete Carroll is a very good coach. No matter if it's NFL or College his teams are always fierce competitors. There's a good chance Pete Carroll has beaten your favorite team unless its your local high school team. Try being an Oklahoma/St. Louis Rams fan. He's smashed Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, and has repeatedly beat St. Louis in Seattle. 

#2 The fact that their home field is treated like no road team has ever won there.
 If you have watched any NFL this year, you know the announcers and media love the Seahawks. They love their QB, coach, and home field. I would love nothing more than seeing Seattle being crushed on their "12th man" against Kaepernick and the 49ers. Seeing all those big-bad crazy fans one last time in tears would be fun to watch. 

#1 San Francisco deserves a second chance.
 San Francisco has been elite the past 3 years. Alex Smith got the job done, but Collin Kaepernick lead them to the Super Bowl last year. Only to lose to the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis. San Francisco is a young but talented team, and they deserve a second shot at the Super Bowl. 

Cheering for Seattle is something I will never do, and it won't change this game. The ugly blue hawks don't deserve a Super Bowl appearance before the 49ers do, and lets hope they never get one.