Romo and Bryant

The Dallas Cowboys year in and year out are one the most over-hyped and over analyzed teams in all of professional sports. Every year a lot of pundits pick the Cowboys as the team to beat in the NFC East and even some have gone as far at to say this team is a Super Bowl contender.

What we will present is 5 reasons why this year versions of the Dallas Cowboys are frauds just like in the past few seasons and why everyone should stop talking about this team until they prove something in the playoffs:

1. Jerry Jones:
A few years ago, Dallas Cowboys owner, president and GM (how many titles does one man need) Jerry Jones said, he would would fire himself as GM if he wasn't the GM. Jones should fire himself because his meddling since the firing of Jimmie Johnson has cost his beloved team wins and stability. Jones makes the Cowboys a fraud because he can't let the coaches coach and the players play. Even this off season, Jones hired Bill Callahan to coach the offensive line and then promptly announced to the world, before telling his coach, that Callahan will do the play calling. Jones virtually stripped any leadership responsibilities from his head coach. Not the way to run a franchise and this is the number one reason why the Cowboys are a fraud.

2. Jason Garrett:
To put it bluntly, Jason Garrett is a .500 coach. He is an average coach, plain and simple. When it's crunch time, Garrett costs his teams more games than he does in actually helping them win. The reason why Jones said Callahan was taking over the play calling duties is because Garrett had trouble calling plays with a balanced approach. Garrett is not looked at as the face or leader of the Cowboys. He's just a semi-decent manager without his imprint on this team. Think about the prescence Tom Landry, Jimmie Johnson, even Barry Switzer carried while coaching the Cowboys. With Garrett, you just see a backup QB, who Jerry just runs over and that hurts his credibility with the team. Average just doesn't cut it with the Cowboys. The Cowboys will stay frauds until they get a head coach that Jerry Jones respects.

3. Tony Romo:
Tony Ohno (as he is affectionately known around the rest of the country) keeps the Cowboys securely in the fraud category for as long as he is the quarterback. Romo may break the records of Aikman, Staubach and Danny White but he will not lead this team to a Super Bowl. Romo's body of work shows that in crunch time he will make a critical turnover or another boneheaded play. The legend of Tony Ohno continues to make the Cowboys frauds.

4. Dez Bryant:
NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin picked Dez Bryant as his preseason pick for NFL MVP. The undisciplined, argumentative, arrogant and down-right inconsistent Bryant. Bryant, is talented, BUT like Romo, he makes critical errors and mistakes when his teams needs him the most. Sure he can light up the Rams secondary but he also does the throat slash after a score which cost his team yards. Bryant has not shown ability to step up when the game matters most and this keeps the Cowboys being frauds.

5. The Defense:
Rob Ryan was a disaster and needed to be replaced. However going after Monte Kiffin and the famed and easily defeatable Tampa 2 defense is not the answer.  Kiffin is a Hall of Famer, but his defensive genius is over. With today's offense, Cover 2 is easily picked apart by quarterbacks and the NFL has almost legislated defense out of the game, this defense will not work in the long run. The Kiffin hire was suppose to be a sexy, name catching selection. However, if this was 1996, the hire would be great but Kiffin's time has past. The defense suffered another blow with the loss of Anthony Spencer for the year, and he was a player that was actually playing well. Kiffin and the Cowboys defense will continue to be exposed and the Dallas Cowboys will stay frauds for another season.